Collaboration between FreeHand and PageMaker

This article will explain in detail how to place FreeHand images into PageMaker, as well as between Illustrator and PageMaker. Note: All the contents of this series of articles have been tested in PhotoShop 5.5, FreeHand 8.0.1CS, Illustrator(R) 8.0, PageMaker 6.5C. The letters in the parentheses

Magnetic printing and magnetic card production

Magnetic printing is an abbreviation for magnetic ink printing. It incorporates a magnetic substance such as iron oxide as an ink pigment, and completes the production of a magnetic recording body by a certain printing method, so that the printed matter has the required special functions. In recen

Emphasis on the skillful use of aluminum plate support

Aluminium slats are a new type of production equipment for the embossing process. They have the advantages of firm and firm material texture, high processing precision, good resistance to pressure and deformation, etc., and provide a more reliable guarantee for the standardization of the embossing

Preparation of aroma inks and screen printing applicati…

As a functional ink for aroma printing, the aroma ink is mainly composed of a binder, a colorant, an auxiliary agent, and a spice microcapsule. Among them, the ink is mainly composed of esters, alcohols or ketones, aromatic hydrocarbons, and the main components of the perfume are alcohols, phenols

Application of adhesives for paper-plastic composite fl…

At present, the development of China's flexible packaging printing industry can be said to be a steady step-by-step rise, and it has become an important pillar industry in China's economic development. From the packaging of various commodities in the supermarket, it can be learned that var

The art of packaging and decorating

Packaging and decoration is an art that directly decorates and beautifies the goods. It is directly for the economy and for the consumer. It is an integral part of the daily life of the consumers. Packing and decorating is an art that directly decorates the goods. It is different from other paint

Principles of Digital Printing Design

First, digital printing design The greatest advantage of digital printing is its handling of the original, which maximizes the use of the original. Color digital printing can achieve offset printing quality when copying originals. If digital printing cannot handle good manuscripts, start with a h