Corrugated carton moisture production plan

Corrugated boxes are used for moisture-proof production. In addition to protecting the packaging from water, it is mainly to prevent the water from infiltrating the box itself. As the carton is wetted by water, the compressive strength and bursting resistance of the box will be greatly reduced, wh

Yanjing Bank Launches CYK Precal ERP System

Recently, Mr. Auke van, the CEO of Prodist International of the Netherlands, and Mr. Zong Di, CEO of Hong Kong Yanjing Bank Co., Ltd. reached a cooperation agreement on the promotion of CYK Precal ERP system software in the Chinese market. The two companies will exhibit the system at the All-In Pr

Waste paper disintegration and ink detachment

The first process of deinking waste paper is carried out in a hydraulic pulper. The purpose of the treatment is to fully disintegrate the waste paper and to facilitate complete removal of the ink from the fibers. At the same time, it is necessary to maintain the size of other impurities having a s

Color Printing Ink Mixing

The deployment of ink is an important task in the color printing process. How this work is done is directly related to the printing quality of the product. Because of the colorfulness, good lightness, and accurate hue are the basic requirements for color printing products, to achieve this requirem

Intermec Introduces Extreme Environment Reusable RFID

Intermec has introduced a reusable, rugged RFID tag that can be used by manufacturing and logistics in extreme temperatures and hazardous environments. Intermec, a new durable RFID tag with EPCglobal Gen 2 and ISO 18000-6B, is available globally and ready for delivery. Companies can use RFID capa

Application of thin ink flexo printing to improve the q…

Flexo printing (hereinafter referred to as flexo printing) has been developed rapidly due to its advantages of low cost, high speed, and high profitability. An important reason for the low cost of flexo printing is that the ink layer is thin. At present, the flexo ink layer is the thinnest in all

Scanning of real-image samples and signs

The quality of the image scanning determines the final quality of the image. How to obtain the best quality image is a long-term common topic for the industry. The quality of the scan has a great deal to do with the scanner, scanning software, and the actual experience of the operator. Control qua