Coreldraw output tips

Fonts 1 Some font library description methods are different, the overlap of the strokes will be overprinted! 2 Paragraph texts containing special characters in Chinese and English are prone to problems such as "■, @, ★, ○", etc. 3 Use the new standard GBK font to so

The Innovative Process of Packaging Screen Printing Dec…

Screen printing due to process adaptability, can be light pressure, thick film, coarse-grained ink printing, it is often used in various types of packaging printed in the decorative means. This article introduces several new types of packaging screen printing decoration technology. Luminous print

Four open CTP plates can not be ignored (in)

Mixed effects printing plates and printers Before buying CTP, Mr. Steve Kramer has been studying it for two years. "Our production cannot produce film, so this has a huge impact on us," Mr. Kramer said. He owns Printech, a sheet-fed commercial printing company with 19 employees, and mai

Extension of corrugated and composite paperboard produc…

Corrugated and composite cardboard applications Topless cardboard tray According to the requirements of domestic and export fruit and vegetable producers and consumers, the type and effect of packaging boxes still need to be improved. Driven by this demand, close cooperation between corrugated b

Environmental Protection Consciousness of Large Flexibl…

Judging from the general trend, the large-scale flexible packaging manufacturers with strong strength are gradually acquiring mid-sized companies and becoming exclusive regional suppliers. Don't know who will come next? Below, let us look at how environmental trends, materials and packaging t

Carton paper printing failure and break (1)

At present, small and medium-sized packaging containers, such as beer cartons, beverages, fruit and other food cartons, are more and more products that use white paper for color printing. This is a commodity economy development trend. The preprinting process of the carton is greatly improved over

Bar code/tag thermal transfer printer

Patent application number .3 Abstract: The utility model relates to a bar code/tag thermal transfer printer, which comprises a body and a printing component arranged in the body. The pressure balance guarantee device between the print head and the printing roller is set in the printing assembly,