Good weekend "Shabby" fashion trend holiday h…

Located in Quebec, Canada, this "alien" holiday home called La Cornette is not a typical country house because its exterior is too unique. The building exemplifies the use of geometric forms by architects to attract attention and try to do their best. Such a house will certainly not be in

Talking about Social Responsibility and Corporate Compe…

In recent years, with the continuous development of the social economy, the purpose of the company's operations has shifted from a narrow pursuit of profitability to a more profound search for harmonious development. These include the harmony between the enterprise and the society, the harmony b

Stick the materials to be prepared with double eyelid s…

Love beauty is like sticking double eyelids, but if you don't have skilled makeup skills, then you should not stick, because a little carelessness will hurt your eyes. But if you are familiar with the makeup techniques of double eyelids, then it is no problem. Stick the materials to be prepa

New Artificial Grass Court Details

New artificial grass court On the basis of the current standard gateball size map, draw a circle with radius r 2M, r 5M with the center pillar as the center to form a circular center pillar area with radius r 2M and an annular area with inner diameter r 3M. To increase the technical diffic

Hermit crab (paper tray handmade)

This category is for Powder Brushes. A good Powder Brush will set and touch up your makeup without moving any of the other present makeup on your skin. Each Makeup Brush features long and fluffy synthetic bristles perfect to dust your face with loose or compact powd

Soy sauce bottle manufacturers need to pay close attent…

The soy sauce market has been surging in the past few months. Several famous soy sauce companies have successfully listed and entered the capital market. This market pattern will inevitably undergo new changes. The listing of soy sauce companies such as Gaga, Haitian, and Zhujiang Bridge has begun

Chinese style decoration glows

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] A family's home style reflects a person's life style. Nowadays, more and more people admire China's long history and culture, and therefore like to decorate the style with Chinese elements such as famous paintings and carved paintings. At the m