Home feng shui coup that produces happy love

Is the single person still worrying about love? Cultivating love starts from scratch, so it sorts out a few simple feng shuis about love, in the hope that everyone can find the other half of their lives at an early date. Married people must also look inside the house, so as not to damage the layout

Four maintenance skins sparkle

If you are a bride who loves beauty and loves face, premarital maintenance can be said to be a marathon. In order to be perfect under the spotlight, you must pay a lot of effort, but please believe that all this is definitely worth it! Pre-wedding pre-week care exfoliation Exfoliation not only he

He Chengwei Wei Shaorong: E-commerce is more promising

He Shaocheng Marketing Manager Wei Shaorong Reporter: Hello everyone, now we are at the exhibition site of China (Beijing) Home Expo. Below we are interviewing Ms. Wei Shaorong, Manager of Hecheng Sanitary Ware Marketing Department, Manager Wei, Hello! Xianghe Furniture City official website reco

The innocent trilogy teaches you to get rid of the dark…

For many Asian women, whitening is the most important maintenance issue. However, in the face of the numerous whitening products on the market and various cumbersome whitening steps, many women are full of confusion about whitening. In fact, for whitening, we should make it simple and simple, maste

Application of Temperature Sensing Label in Cold Chain …

Challenges and needs The so-called cold-chain logistics refers to a systematic project in which temperature-sensitive products are always in a pre-established low-temperature environment during production, storage, transportation, and sales, so as to ensure the quality of the goods and reduce the

Primary color subtractive mixing principle

The subtractive method of colorants refers to the method of subtractive color mixing according to the principle of yellow, magenta, and cyan raw materials (such as pigments, inks). We added red transparent paper to the incandescent lamp, and the light was red, as if the red transparent paper had a

Furniture environmental certification is varied

With the exposure of a series of home improvement safety incidents such as toxic floors and fake paints, people have questioned the safety and environmental protection of home building materials. With the development of society, with the change of people's consumption concept, consumers are no