Value-added packaging - packaging needs in a new econom…

In the ever-increasing prices of raw materials, as well as the ever-increasing cost of labor costs and management costs, almost all companies are thinking about increasing product value. Similarly, color box users are no exception. As a result, some end-users require that printing companies provid

CTP and digital workflow

The application of CTP in China has been for 8 years since 2000. During this period, it has experienced several different stages of development: the "wait and see" period, the "confusion period" and the "mature period." During the wait-and-see period, the leading dome

Custom furniture, beware of falling into three traps

Four notes on custom furniture When choosing custom furniture, many people tend to blindly pursue individuality, neglecting the use of living space and family habits, so that customized products have lost practical significance. According to the characteristics of the curren

In fact, babies love to use daily necessities as toys.

Whether you want to tease your children or want to develop your child's intelligence, parents are always keen to buy a variety of toys, but parents finally found that these carefully selected toys are not as good as a small medicine bottle at home or The remote control makes the child's int

Type of wood discoloration

  Type of wood discoloration 1. Photochemical degradation Among the many factors that cause wood fading and discoloration, ultraviolet light and visible light are the most important, and wood placed under sunlight. The surface will rapidly undergo chemical degradation, w

Floor radiant heating problems and solutions

If used properly, floor radiant heating can typically be reduced by 20% to 40% compared to convection heating systems. The floor where the room is located, the orientation of the room, the insulation condition of the wall, the size of the glass window, and whether or not doubl