Causes of skin allergies caused by cosmetics

Every woman who loves beauty can't do without cosmetics, but cosmetics can bring other influences while bringing beauty to people. Some people may have used some cosmetics to cause skin allergies. When skin is allergic, figure out what causes your own allergies? Below I will introduce to you so

Eye drops are big but design needs improvement

With the popularity of the Internet, the popularity of mobile terminal devices and 3G networks, the ranks of myopic people are constantly expanding. According to statistics, there are 400 million nearsighted people in China, and 4 out of 13 people are nearsighted. This is definitely a huge busines

Domestic Corrugated Box Production Technology

Corrugated paper box production technology started late in China, and research and technical work related to carton production, design, inspection, and testing is very weak. Except for a few institutions of higher learning such as the Zhuzhou Institute of Technology, the country has not specialize

Impact test of packaging

The impact of the packaging in circulation mainly refers to the lateral impact of the goods in transit. In the case of braking and rapid braking of vehicles, such as trains and automobiles, inertially forms forward tangling and squeezing of the goods, causing damage to the goods. The impact test

Scientists claim that Mars blizzard weather can be accu…

Mars is best known for its dust storms, which can cover the entire planet at its maximum. But did you know that there will be snowstorms on Mars? In extremely cold winters, a lot of snow will fall on the Martian Arctic. Usually Mars' polar ice caps are similar to those on Earth, covered with t

Grinder use and maintenance

After the installation and commissioning of the crusher is completed, the operator must carefully read the product manual, understand the structural principle of the crusher, familiarize with the performance and operation procedures of the crusher, operate in strict accordance

On the development of NAO robot technology

Recall that two years ago, the Fukushima nuclear accident in Japan, the Sichuan earthquake in 2008, coal mine and railway safety accidents, natural disasters and man-made accidents caused a large number of casualties and financial losses, and the aging of the urban population in the process of mod