2.45G Active Wrist Tag RFID Prison Management Solution

The RFID prison intelligence management system is a safe and reliable intelligent management system that distinguishes between prison inmates and managers and associates each person's information in the management system with each person in the real world. Realize the information management of the prison management system in a real sense! RFID technology has been widely used in prison management in the United States, the Netherlands, Singapore, Malaysia, and other countries. Practice has proved to be a very efficient and reliable management technology.

First, the advantages of RFID real-time monitoring

It can be combined with the existing camera monitoring platform of the prison system to realize the wireless regional and visual monitoring linkage alarm.

Real-time discrimination and abnormal switching between abnormal signals such as cross-regional behavior, no signal, disassembly, and shearing, and switching of live surveillance video (acoustic-optical alarms), and intercommunicating and shouting in this area; realizing user-friendly monitoring to effectively reduce the work pressure of supervisors and improve Work efficiency.

It can access information platforms and share information with various resource banks and application systems. It also implements information transmission at various levels of management departments such as the district, prisons, city supervision bureaus, provincial supervision bureaus, and the Ministry of Justice.

Second, the basic principles of RFID work

2.45GHz wrist active electronic tag. The tag actively and regularly transmits data to the reader.

The wrist tag worn by the prisoner sends the signal to the backstage monitoring center through the reader, prompting abnormal signal information in real time. Prison guards carry handheld readers for on-site flow detection and transmit real-time detection signals to stationary readers.

Third, the implementation of application methods

In all prison locations: Houses, roads, fences and other places are equipped with RFID readers, cameras, horns and other monitoring equipment. When the disappearance of signals, unauthorized cross-regional behavior, disassembly or shearing of wrist tags, etc., infrared cameras immediately capture and record the scene, the central control room sound and light alarm, managers use the intercom, according to the site conditions, through the region Horn management.

Road surveillance within the prison RFID

RFID readers, infrared cameras and speakers are placed along the roads to identify the wrist tag holders who have no access rights during normal hours. When an abnormality enters, the cameras start shooting and the central control room staff will intercom Promptly.

Air release site RFID monitoring

The signal in the area of ​​the air outlet is monitored. When there are abnormal signals such as illegal cross-border, signal disappearance, and disassembly, the central control room can immediately respond to the signal characteristics.

Monitor the signal in each room

The time monitoring of the restrooms prevents the prisoners from inflicting injury due to abnormal behaviors inside, especially when the nighttime police force is reduced. The RFID readers and cameras installed in the corridor can make a simple path description of the walking path of people.

Prisoner Room RFID Monitoring Management
The installation of readers, cameras and horns in the prisoner's room can effectively control the wrist tag signal in the room and prevent prisoners from escaping by means of pipes, wires, and chimneys in sewers and buildings. As long as the signal disappears, is not in the set reading range of the reader (or is read by other readers), shearing, disassembling and other abnormal behavior signals or the prisoner is close to the window of the dorm room, the infrared radiation system emits an anomaly. Signal reminder background. A sound and light alarm can appear immediately in the central control room, and the monitoring screen of the area is displayed on the monitoring screen. It is convenient for management personnel to remotely monitor propaganda processing and save the police force.

Prison guards attack active alarm system

When prisoners jailbreak or hold the prison guard, the guard can quickly press the button on the wrist tag. When the situation is too late to press the wrist tag alarm, the vibration tags that are carried on the prison guards are sent by the body's running or violent shaking to give a vibration alarm signal. After the reader/writer in the area reads the vibration or button alarm signal, the central backstage The control room emits sound and light alarms, and the monitor automatically pops up the picture taken by the area camera.

In addition, a corresponding RFID prison management system can also be installed in the prison prison gates, workshops, canteens, fences, isolation barriers, meeting rooms, medical clinics, and labor camps, etc., so that monitoring can be performed at any time to effectively prevent the escape of prisoners from escaping. occur.

Fourth, the necessary supporting products

RFID reader/writer (directional, omnidirectional antenna); wrist-type active tag; card or strip type active tag; central controller (multiple monitors, audible and visual alarm intercom); RFID prison management software; infrared camera; Network cable and so on.

V. Advanced and Rationality of RFID Technology

Humanized prison management system: Through the real-time monitoring and alarm of high-tech products, it avoids the omissions that occur due to the monotonous and mentally intense management personnel.

Advanced anti-escape function: When the signal disappears, disassembles, cuts, presses, and enters the forbidden area, the system will automatically alarm, and at the same time, it will automatically pop up the surveillance video scene scene and prompt the relevant location of the alarm. Managers inform personnel in the area through the intercom equipment in the central control room. It is a three-dimensional monitoring of the space within the prison area, effectively preventing prisoners from escaping from the underground, high altitude, prison walls, or gates.

Can access the province's information platform, to achieve the monitoring area, prisons, city supervision bureau, provincial supervision bureau, the Ministry of Justice and other levels of management information sharing.

Advanced and reliable RFID technology can make the application of prison management methods in the domestic industry-leading level.

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