2004 "American Star" Packaging Design Competition Part of the winning works (with photos)

Name: OxyKic detergent

Company: Bissell Homecare Inc.

Category: Daily necessities

OxyKic is a revolutionary two-tank combination detergent. The tank body is composed of two tanks, each containing different formulas (oxygen formula and detergent formula). When used, the two formulas are mixed into a powerful spray.

Innovation: Bissell company developed on the basis of the original "Silver Bullet" series carpet cleaner, the purpose is to make an innovation in carpet cleaning. OxyKic is the first and only carpet cleaner with oxygen molecules as the main formula. It combines the cleaning ability of oxygen molecules with the ability of orthodox cleaning spray.
The two powerful cleaning formulas are stored in two separate tanks for maximum cleaning effect. Unlike the single-can cleanser, the two complete cleansing formulas that are packed separately can keep their ingredients intact and clean, and they are combined only when they are used.

Economic perspective: New products, valid for two years.

Performance: OxyKic with two cans treats each stain with a powerful cleaning aerosol. This aerosol is formed by two different cleaning formulas that can remove stains and oil stains. The cleaning ingredients in one tank can remove oil stains, and the other tank is equipped with a color-protecting, chlorine-free oxygen activator, which can effectively remove various stains. For retailers, the compact design allows them to be placed on pallets in the form of six fillings, maximizing the size of the pallet and maximizing the one-time transportation volume, thereby reducing the transportation cost.

Marketing: It has a very "industrial power" appearance, which makes people trust the efficacy of internal products. Double aluminum can packaging is unique on the market. The curved handle is ergonomically designed to match the curve of the human hand, making it convenient and comfortable to use.

Environmental impact: OxyKic's tank body is made of aluminum skin, which can be recycled (this feature is similar to general spray bottles), the injection device is made of PE plastic (also can be recycled), and the shrinkage outer film of the tank is polyolefin质 材料。 Quality materials.

Name: Frito-Lay Snacks 24 bags

Company: Welfare-Ray / Pepsi

Category: Food Packaging

This "24-bag" packaging bag is compact in design, easy to store in a food cabinet, easy to carry and easy to open. It replaces the traditional food packaging method of shrink film and corrugated paper chassis, so that the sales of Frito-Lay Food Company increased by 30%, while reducing the packaging weight by 85%.

Innovation: The design of the "24 bags" packaging bag was inspired by baby diapers. At that time, the designers boldly envisioned: Can the technology in the baby diaper production industry be applied to dry and savory food? After making some modifications to a diaper packaging machine, the attempt began, and the market response finally gave a positive answer.

Economic perspective: From shrink film plus corrugated paper chassis to PE plastic bags, this packaging change has enabled Frito-Lay Foods to reduce packaging costs by half. The compact packaging shape makes transportation more efficient, saving 25% of transportation expenses.

Performance: The production of the product is basically the same as the original shrink-wound corrugated paper tray, but the folding and shrink-wrapping of the paper tray is replaced by the opening of the pre-made plastic bag.

Marketing: Due to packaging innovation, products can get a larger shelf display. Because of the compact design of the packaging, Frito-Lay can put more products on the retail shelves.

Environmental impact: Frito-Lay has reduced its packaging tonnage by 85%.

Name: Perfume for men

Company: Procter & Gamble

Category: Health and Beauty Supplies

In order to meet the needs of an emerging market-a trendy young male consumer group that pays attention to appearance, Product Ventures has updated the old AP / DO packaging of P & G's old Spice brand men's perfume. Combined with P & G's first-class production technology, a brand marketing magic is about to be born. It finds a balance between packaging design innovation and commercial reality.

Name: Standing sugar bag

Company: Imperial Sugar Company (Imperial Sugar Company)

Category: Food Packaging

The grocery industry has not changed much for 75 years. As a veteran in this field, the Imperial Sugar Company is very convenient to use the newly launched stand-up bag. There are five main advantages: 1) easy to open; 2) it will not be scattered everywhere after opening; 3) waterproof; 4) Will not leak from the store all the way to the house; 5) It can be sealed again after use. For retailers, the design of the stand-up bag is very scientific, and it can be placed properly in two or three clicks, which reduces the damage to the strap during the transportation process and also facilitates the display of products in a variety of environments.

Name: Chocolate Pretzels Packaging Jar / Chocolate Cookie Packaging Jar

Company: Sonoco Plastic Packaging Company

Category: Food Packaging

Department stores in the entertainment store often sell some snack foods, and now the competition in this sales field is becoming increasingly fierce. To adapt to this change, the Flipz brand chocolate pretzels produced by Signet Snack Company urgently needs a large-capacity packaging, which must be eye-catching on the shelf and easy to store. To this end, they found the Linearpak packaging can of Sonoco.

Name: Asian style rice bag

Company: Wornick Food Processing and Packaging Service Company

Category: Food Packaging

Asian Style Selections Asian Style Selections produced by Homestyle Express is very beautiful and convenient. Its rice series has a capacity of 18 ounces per bag. It is packed in a food bag suitable for microwave cooking. It maintains the freshness and aroma of traditional Asian rice, without continuous refrigeration. Or quick freeze.

Name: VPX Redline (tm) Vio Pharmaceutical / VPX Redline Weight Loss Potion

Company: CCL Container Company

Category: Pharmaceutical Packaging

The VPX Redline slimming potion is the first product that combines cold-fill beverage technology and aluminum bottle technology with a sealed bottle cap. This packaging also utilizes the latest technology of CCL Container Company-CT-38 external injection and polishing technology, which is beautiful and attractive.

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