3 strokes of spring makeup, light and thin clothes, no makeup

The pace of spring is slowly coming, but the weather is still cold and dry. Even if the makeup is perfect, there may be a scene of makeup removal. How to continue to maintain your "face problem", so that your makeup is consistent. This is the makeup technique.

3 strokes, spring makeup, thin clothes, no makeup

Warm spring support 3 points thin and docile

No makeup remover makeup, concealer effect is not obvious; eye makeup flowers, panda eyes; lip makeup lost color, lip lines revealed. Take a look at the little tips that PClady gives you, how to make up your makeup easily.

3 strokes, spring makeup, thin clothes, no makeup

Make up makeup, prevent water shortage

First, make up the makeup, prevent water shortage

Oily skin: 1. Use a paper towel to absorb grease in the T-zone

2. Use honey powder or powder to make up makeup, no floating powder

Dry skin: 1. Replenish skin with moisturizing lotion

2. Moisturizing liquid foundation

Star product recommendation: FANCL Hydrating Revitalizing Spray

Nirvana: Lasting hydration spray absorption

This is a must-have moisturizer for the winter, which constantly replenishes the skin. And compared with other products, it is a spray-type product, no need to be smudged on the hand like other products, resulting in makeup and flowering. Of course, it penetrates into the bottom layer of the skin and promotes the effect of deep hydration, which is always favored.

3 strokes, spring makeup, thin clothes, no makeup

Eye makeup, anti-smudge

Second, make-up makeup, anti-smudge

Problem: Eyeliner and mascara are smudged to the bottom of the eye to cause makeup. Eye shadows appear wrinkled due to dryness in winter.

Method: Apply concealer around the eyes and face and gently push it open. Finally, swipe the eye shadow and draw a good eyeliner.

Star product recommendation: Shuixiu Village professional concealer pen

Nirvana: Smart Concealer easily covers

The intelligent concealer effect makes it easy to cover acne, dark spots, dark circles and fine lines. The three-dimensional measurement adjusts the lip contour function, and the pen-shaped design is precisely modified for the spot portion.

3 strokes, spring makeup, thin clothes, no makeup

Make up lips, prevent peeling

Third, make up lip makeup, anti-peeling

Steps: step 1. Apply lip balm and moisturize to reduce peeling.

Step2. The center of the lips, the lips and the lips are outlined by a dry lip pencil.

Star product recommendation: L'Occitane Shea Butter Lip Balm

Nirvana: Gentle to create natural moisture

This product contains papaya oil, which makes it mild and natural without any irritation. Effectively repairs the dry surface of the lips in winter and restores the youthful luster.  

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