A good way to get rid of stubborn blackheads

Skin care

What is blackhead and how is it formed?

Blackheads, also known as blackheads, are open acne (the surface layer of sebum that clogs pores is directly exposed to the outside, in contact with air and dust in the air). It is caused by the oxidation of skin oil in the air, especially the small blackheads of the nose. It is characterized by black spots in the enlarged enlarged pores, which are shaped like small insects after extrusion and black at the top.

Skin care

The main reasons for the formation of blackheads are mainly caused by genes, sun exposure, improper cleaning, skin dirt by hand, pressure and hormonal imbalance. Recalling your own skin care behavior, is there such a phenomenon?

How to treat blackheads correctly?

First of all, please don't use your hands to squeeze blackheads! The blackhead problem will not be solved, but the bacteria on your hands will make the skin condition worse and leave the traces of pores. Therefore, this method of operation is absolutely taboo.

Skin care

Cleansing oil can dissolve blackheads

Do you doubt the effect of this method when you hear this method, cleansing oil can dissolve blackheads? Indeed, this is the safest and most effective way to blackheads recommended by Niu Er.

When the face is decorated with makeup, the cleansing oil can remove the makeup on the face, but its effective dissolution effect can also dissolve blackheads. The method of operation is very simple, just use it in the morning, just like the makeup remover, apply the cleansing oil to the blackhead area and gently squat for 5 minutes - 10 minutes. Need to make sure and keep in mind that there are no cosmetics on your face, otherwise you will only find the makeup on your face, not the blackheads.

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