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FANCL no added cleansing cleansing oil 198/120ml

The new ingredient, Perfect Blend Oil, quickly lifts foundations, mascara that is difficult to remove, and lipsticks. Rinse with water, instant nano speed net Power UP! It is pure and never left, and it feels refreshing. The smooth Smooth Cushion Oil formula makes the product easier to push and spread evenly. It feels like a thin water-skiing film to form a soft protection. It can be easily cleaned without removing it with force.


High cleanliness, the product does not contain fragrances, pigments, preservatives, and the properties are very mild. Recommended for people with sensitive skin and sensitive body. The product smells like a fresh air, almost unfragrant. The oil is fine and smooth and belongs to the nano level. Apply to the face, it is very smooth and very easy to push open. It feels very soft and comfortable. The official recommendation is to press the nozzle twice each time. I suggest that in the case of heavy makeup, you can follow the official recommended usage. If you make a light makeup, you can completely remove the makeup by pressing the weight once. This cleansing oil is the one I feel most satisfied with. Cleansing and removing makeup is very good, and gentle and not irritating!

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