All kinds of new food packaging paper (waterproof)

Dehydrated wrapping paper . This type of packaging paper, called PS, uses a semi-permeable membrane that can only penetrate water as a surface structure material, and a high-permeability membrane material and a polymer water-absorbing agent. The wrapper does not damage the fine film of the food, but also inhibits the activity of the enzyme, prevents the decomposition of the protein, reduces the proliferation of microorganisms, and achieves the effect of maintaining the freshness of the food, concentrating the umami component, and improving the toughness.

Normal align=left > Suction function paper . The biggest feature of absorbent functional paper is its strong ability to absorb water. It can hold 10 times the weight of the material and is safe and harmless. There is a significant difference between the water absorption capacity and the water retention capacity of the absorbent functional paper and the non-woven fabric, and the absorbent functional paper is obviously excellent. This is because the absorbent paper not only retains moisture in the pores between the fibers of the raw material, but also the fibers themselves absorb water. The absorbent paper becomes very soft after absorbing water. Due to the above characteristics, the water absorbing functional paper can be used as a film (sheet) for absorbing foods such as ham and sausage, a film (sheet) for absorbing fresh food drips, and a film for cosmetics and sanitary materials.

Normal align=left> Acid-free waterproof archive . The new type of waterproof packaging paper and paperboard (without acid and water proof archival paper) independently developed by Hunan Changde Cigarette Factory Jinxi Rong (Special) Paper Co., Ltd. successfully filled the domestic blank. The company has started projects since 1996 and has invested 3.15 million yuan to develop new waterproof packaging paper. According to relevant experts, the scope of application of new waterproof packaging paper and board is very wide.

Normal align=left> Screen wet cardboard . Libery Paper Co., Ltd. of Minnesota, USA developed M - Guard screen wet cardboard, which looks like corrugated paperboard. It is also similar to the commonly used inner liner and can be printed and recycled for pulping. The board's screen wet performance has a visual effect. This screen wet performance is due to the effect of internal chemical bonding during the manufacturing process of the board, saving time without any conversion. The board achieves good screen wet performance through its inherent absorption.

Normal align=left> Water resistant paper. Water-resistance processing paper is resistant to Shuizhou:. With good air permeability, it has no water repellent property, so its penetration rate is higher than that of other materials, its surface strength and interlayer strength are high, it has antibacterial properties, and it can also absorb nitrogen. This feature is not based on the addition of resins and chemicals, but on the raw material of the pulp, so it is safe and harmless. Because of its above characteristics, it can be applied to food packaging materials, dew condensation films (sheets) and other fields. At present, this type of paper has been applied to the vacuum packaging of foods, and it is compounded with other materials. As a packaging paper for multi-moisture semi-finished products, it fully exerts its advantages of mildew proof, water absorption and water resistance.

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