Analysis of the characteristics of stone materials as decorative materials

Stone decoration is one of the indispensable items in the decoration and has entered thousands of households. With people's awareness of aesthetics and health, I believe that many people want to know more about related knowledge. Below and the China Plate Network Xiaobian will take you to understand the issues that everyone is more concerned about.

Stone class:

Building stone refers to some products such as natural stone and artificial stone that have the processing properties such as sawing and polishing.

Natural decorative stone refers to natural marble and natural granite. Characteristics of natural stone Natural stone is a general term for mining from natural rock mass and processing it into block or plate material.

The main advantages of natural stone are as follows:

1 The rich and abundant distribution is very convenient for local materials.

2 The stone structure has high compact compressive strength.

3 water resistance, wear resistance and durability.

4 Decorative stone has the natural texture, heavy texture and solemn and majestic artistic effect.

The main disadvantages of natural stone are hard texture, difficult processing, and inconvenient mining and transportation. Individual stone may contain radioactivity and necessary testing is required. Natural stone porcelain is mainly used for indoor walls of high-rise buildings such as hotels, restaurants, restaurants, exhibition halls, museums, office buildings, conference rooms, and buildings.

With the advancement of science and technology, the emergence of new decorative stone has not only saved mineral resources but also improved the performance of natural stone. Breaking through the application of natural stone, the building decoration stone has a broader development prospect.

Artificial stone is a new type of building decoration material developed in recent years. It has great advantages in terms of material processing and production, application range and product price of decorative effect. It has become a promising building decoration material. .

The above is the relevant introduction that Xiaobian brought to you today. I believe that my friends also have a certain understanding. I hope this article can help you. You can also log in to the China Plate Network to view more related content and information.

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