Application of ultraviolet aging test in surface sterilization

Traditional sterilization methods generally use heating, dosing and other means, but these treatment methods take a long time, which may cause adverse changes to the treatment object and also cause secondary pollution to the environment. Sterilization with ultraviolet radiation can completely avoid the above problems. Ultraviolet rays with a wavelength of 200-290nm can penetrate the cell membrane of bacteria and viruses, damage the nucleic acid (DNA), make the cells lose their ability to reproduce, and achieve the effect of rapid sterilization.

UV surface sterilization devices are widely used in food, electronics, semiconductors, liquid crystal displays, plasma TVs, crystal vibrators, precision devices, chemicals, medicine, health care, biology, beverages, agriculture, etc. The UV light source illuminates the surface of food, materials, etc., which has a fast, efficient and pollution-free sterilization effect, thereby maintaining the high quality of your products.

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