Artisan plate decoration board instructions

The decorative panel should be placed in a ventilated and dry place to prevent moisture and exposure. At the same time, this product is not suitable for the decoration of the bathroom and the wet location of the kitchen. Please check whether the decorative board has mildew, foaming, bottoming, blackening, etc. before use.

This product should avoid mixing with aldehyde-containing substances and other plates to avoid astringency and cause excessive formaldehyde emission. Do not use foam water and chemical and chemical raw materials when painting. Direct sunlight should not be allowed until the paint is dry. Use brand paint that is trustworthy. The wall to be renovated should be dry and moisture-proof, and wood ribs and substrates with a moisture content of more than 14% cannot be used in the decoration .

Please use wood-specific adhesive or white latex to avoid using inferior glue to prevent blackening and discoloration. There is a slight chromatic aberration on the decorative panel and small, natural cracks are not a quality problem. The curvature of the panel should be suitable and not too large, so as to avoid damage to the material such as panel breakage.


Artisan brand decorative panel

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