Baseband signal research and waveform design based on optimal waveform theory

Based on the optimal waveform design theory and the Nyquist criterion, this paper makes a related research on the Nyquist pulse and the raised cosine pulse by using the baseband pulse shaping, frequency spectrum, and coefficient loop screening methods. And design an IJF pattern with superior performance and small amplitude fluctuation. The simulation results show that compared with the traditional raised cosine pulse, the newly designed IJF pattern has better performance, with a narrow main lobe and fast high-frequency roll-off, which effectively suppresses the spectrum spread.

Stretch Ceiling High Frequency Welding Machine is main for to PVC ceiling ,so in Russia ,more customer will choosed small type of High Frequency Welding Machine to do ,normally has 3 pcs of electrode ,one electrode to weld rubber with PVC ,also call harphoon ,rest head to weld two layer PVC film together and cut at same time.For electrode could do about 600mm or 650mm or 500mm lenth .

Stretch Ceiling High Frequency Welding Machine

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