Beauty and wisdom coexisting custom wardrobe function varies from crowd to person (Figure)

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] Under normal circumstances, consumers will ignore the functionality of the wardrobe when purchasing the wardrobe, but the best wardrobe needs beauty and wisdom. Moreover, the needs of different age groups in the use of wardrobes in life are also different, according to the differences between different groups of people to buy wardrobes, in order to better meet the needs of life.

Children's wardrobe: multi-functionality is the key

Wardrobe renderings

Children's room pink wardrobe renderings

The child is in the growth stage, the clothes are replaced quickly, and the toys are piled up more, so the children's wardrobe should have a strong storage and multi-functional partition, especially pay attention to the proportion of the stacking area and the hanging area.

Senior wardrobe: increase stacking use

Custom wardrobe function

Senior custom wardrobe picture

Customize the old man's wardrobe, consider the practicality and convenience, increase the stacking space, the number of drawers, the center of gravity of the drawer and the hanging area should be lowered, the board is preferably low purity, low brightness, uniform color, warm and comfortable.

Adult wardrobe: differences between men and women

Wardrobe purchase

Modern minimalist style adult wardrobe picture

There are many adult costumes, and the cabinet can be divided into two short-story hangers for better storage. Women can set up jewelry cabinets in the closet and increase the number of layers. Men can add trousers racks and increase the number of hanging areas. Small couples can The interior space of the wardrobe is divided according to the ratio of 5:5 or 6:4, and both sides occupy one side.

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