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[ Chinese wardrobe network ] There are only lazy women in the world without ugly women, so women gradually pay more attention to their appearance, so that they become more beautiful and confident, they will customize the wardrobe according to their own needs, know how to wear their own clothing. Choosing a home, custom wardrobe is a modern trend, greatly reducing the chance of space wastage, using internal functional accessories to achieve perfect storage. The following Bockman wardrobes are beautiful and practical, perfect for modern young women.

Bokman Milan impression solid wood custom closet

Bokman wardrobe

Brand: Bokman

Material: Beech

Number of doors: 5

Opening method: zipper

Style: custom wardrobe

Custom wardrobe

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Xiao Bian Comments: This custom wardrobe of Bokman draws on the design essence of the Milan Furniture Fair, and the Milan Impression series, which is specially launched, perfectly combines art and classical. The unique design and strong aesthetic concept can meet the aesthetic needs of different consumers. The symmetrical line design discards the complicated lines and decorations, and has a three-dimensional sense. The lines are the same color as the door panel, the frame and the cabinet, and are more integrated. The design of the louver maximizes the lines and creates an infinite space texture. The embellishment of the gold Handle adds a lot of energy and artistic flavor to the wardrobe and takes care of the comfort of use. Whether it is European, rural, modern, retro-decorated home, it is very suitable.


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