Cellophane can do 3D display low-tech breeding high-tech

Prof. Keigo Iizuka, a researcher at the University of Toronto, discovered that it is possible to use ordinary cellophane packaging to turn a laptop screen into a three-dimensional (3D) display. Low-tech methods often breed major high-tech discoveries.
Iizuka is looking for so-called half-wave plates that are polarized by rotating light. As a result, they found that a brand of wrought-glass cellophane packaging solves this problem. He said: "I have tried all kinds of materials that may have half-wave function. This is the best and the cheapest." He estimated that the cellophane package he used was 3500 cheaper than the specially made half wave plate. Times. The price of this roll of 1 x 2 m wrapping paper is only $3. His findings are published in the August issue of "Review of Scientific Instruments."
Iizuka said that 3D display technology can be widely used to play video games and develop molecular structure models. 3D displays usually require special glasses, or change the input, and are expensive. Sharp Corporation has manufactured 3D flat panel displays that do not require glasses. Using Iizuka's method, the screen is divided into two parts and the images displayed on both sides are slightly different, just like the objects viewed from a stereo camera. He used cellophane to cover half the screen to change its polarization, and then wear a different polarized sunglasses, the results of the right eye can only see the light emitted from the left of the screen, while the left eye can only see the light on the right side of the screen. Reacting to the brain, these images have the feeling of three-dimensional images.
Iizuka stated that his exploration of 3D display technology was partly to help deaf-mute people, and that the symbolic language transmitted over the Internet would be better. He is also very interested in mobile phone 3D display technology.

Patio dining table set creates an immensely striking, comfortable and durable place to relax and dine. The rattan weaving finish of the all-weather wicker is complemented by a hidden rust-resistant, powder-coated aluminum frame. A thick layer of tempered glass protects and reflects on the intricate weave below.


-Part of the Hyde Park Collection.

-Modern, clean lines and a fresh, squared shape

-Richly different color fibers

-Handwoven premium resin wicker

-Rust-resistant powder-coated frame

-If you want,can add umbrella hole with cap


Patio dining table set has many options. Round table, Square table and rectangle Patio Dining Set, You can be free collocation by yourself with armchair or armless chair.

Dining Patio Table Set       Dining Patio Table Set

Dining Patio Table Set         Dining Patio Table Set

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Dining Patio Table Set

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