Chinese style decoration glows

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] A family's home style reflects a person's life style. Nowadays, more and more people admire China's long history and culture, and therefore like to decorate the style with Chinese elements such as famous paintings and carved paintings. At the moment, Chinese styles with Chinese characteristics are being sought after.

About 20% of the owners choose Chinese style

"In the last year or two, the Chinese style has been very popular. It used to be like only older people. Now many young people like this style." Li Shaokun, head of a decoration company in Xinhua Street, said. The reporter checked the decoration registration form in Mr. Li's computer. In the first half of this year, a total of 23 orders were received, of which 5 orders were in Chinese style. “In recent years, Chinese traditional culture has become more and more popular, so people have begun to like Chinese-style decoration. In the past, only some people chose Chinese style. Now about 20% of customers choose Chinese style.” Chen Qifeng, head of another decoration company, said .

According to reports, the modern Chinese style is generally thick and deep, elegant and solemn, with high cultural taste and strong cultural flavor. In terms of collocation, the modern Chinese style “freely mixes” traditional Chinese elements with modern design, which becomes a new idea of ​​modern home design and decoration, and also leads to a unique aesthetic concept. “Chinese style decoration combines the classic Chinese style with modern life concept, which not only exudes the taste of traditional culture, but also integrates modern minimalist and livable elements. It is truly simple and not simple, which makes traditional culture glow with fashion. I like it very much, so I chose the Chinese style of decoration. "Zhu Jia, who is preparing to decorate the wedding room, told the reporter.

Chinese elements create "Chinese style"

On the 27th, the reporter came to a certain district in the south of Century Avenue to see that Mr. Xu, who lives in the community, renovated his new house into an antique Chinese style. The simple "boss frame" and richly famous calligraphy and calligraphy convey the elegant taste of the owner. “I have always liked traditional culture, so I used a lot of Chinese elements in the decoration.” Mr. Xu told reporters.

Qu Jinxia, ​​a designer of a decoration company, said that in order to create a Chinese-style home environment, many Chinese elements can be used. First of all, in the indoor Chinese design, you can use traditional indoor partitions, furnishings and decorative patterns to create a traditional style. For example, the decoration with the characteristics of traditional residential gates can be applied to the solid wood door; the doors and windows can be decorated with a moderately simplified traditional form of weight; the traditional and simplified traditional residential decoration patterns can be applied to household items such as furniture, furnishings, lamps and the like. The simplification of the shape of the blue gauze and the flower cover can be applied to the porch and wall design.

on. The traditional charm of calligraphy, paper-cutting, tie-dyeing, painting, wood carving, etc. can be used as interior decorations, which play a great role in expressing the traditional charm of space.

“Chinese traditional living rooms are very particular about the layering of space. This traditional aesthetic concept has been completely explained in the modern Chinese style home: according to the difference in the number of people in the house, the functional space is separated and the 'dumb' is adopted. Or a simple 'boss shelf' to distinguish; in places where it is necessary to isolate the line of sight, use Chinese-style screens or window sills. With this new separation, unit-style houses can show the beauty of the level of Chinese-style home. "Interior decoration Designer Gao Zhanpeng said.

Chinese traditional interior decoration has received more and more attention due to its own value and practical significance. The inheritance and development of traditional decorative art is not simply used, but the traditional decorative language is expressed in modern means, and integrated into the modern environmental art, so that home decoration becomes an organic whole, creating a home environment with Chinese charm.

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