Cleaning and maintenance to maximize the life of the wardrobe

[ Chinese Wardrobe ] The reasonable use and maintenance of every piece of furniture in the home can maximize the life of the furniture to a certain extent, and also bring health and happiness to the home life. Below we explored the " buyer knowledge of the wardrobe ", this time we will discuss what needs to be done to maintain and clean the wardrobe, improve the service life of the wardrobe and maintain a healthy and warm home life.

Wardrobe maintenance

The service life of the wardrobe depends not only on its own quality, but also on the maintenance in later use. How to maintain the wardrobe specifically?

Monaig wardrobe cabinets are mainly made of paint-free plates. Most of the simple wardrobes on the market are now painted on the plates. Pay attention to keep the surface clean and wipe with ash or soft cloth.

As for hardware accessories, wardrobe hardware accessories mainly include wardrobe door handles, drawers, sliding door rails, clothes hooks, hinges, hinges, etc. The cleaning method can be wiped with a brightener and the hinge can be dripped into the lubricant.

In addition, put some desiccant in the closet, camphor can keep dry and insect repellent.

The wardrobe maintenance only needs to do the following seven points:

1. Try to avoid hard objects scratching the cabinet and door panel to prevent heavy objects from falling and hitting the track. The sealing edge of the cabinet should avoid touching water or other solvents, otherwise the edge will fall off easily.

2. After the sliding door is used for a period of time, some noise will be emitted, which is normal. In order to make the pulley quiet and smooth for a long time, you can add some lubricating oil along the upper and lower pulleys every 2-3 months.

3. Always open the door to ventilate, so as to avoid the moisture in the cabinet and clothes.

4. When the climate is humid, the doors and windows are usually opened to ventilate the room. At the same time, some desiccant can be placed in the corner of the closet to prevent deformation and mold of the door panel and cabinet.

5. Never place the closet in a place where the sun can be directed to avoid wood deformation and cracking.

6. When using the sliding door, if you see that the handle is protruding, you should press it in time, otherwise it will easily damage the side cabinet or handle.

7. In order to minimize the entry of dust, when purchasing the whole wardrobe , you should choose a wardrobe with a high degree of closeness between the drawer and the door panel.

The wardrobe is cleaned to two points, which will keep the clean and beautiful bedroom space

1. Keep the wardrobe door panel clean and there should be no dust or debris in the track. Avoid cleaning with corrosive cleaners and wipe the cabinet doors and cabinets with a semi-wet cotton rag. Use a small brush or vacuum cleaner to remove dust from the track. Metal parts such as tie rods and cabinets should be wiped with a dry cloth.

2. The wooden wardrobe can be wiped with a clean rag. If there are stains, consider using a moderate amount of neutral detergent or soapy water with a damp cloth.

The cleaning and maintenance of the wardrobe can improve the service life. Also, it provides a healthier living environment for our home. Let us work together to create a better living environment!

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