Cleverly use a headscarf to tie out a simple fashion hairstyle

With a headscarf, you can tie up a stylish hairstyle with a few simple tricks. For three types of headscarf hair splicing skills of different lengths, hurry and learn!

Short hair

Medium and short hair: big tight bow tie

1. Fold the headscarf into a thin, long and thin one, and then fold it back from the middle.

2. In this way, the hair is wrapped from the bottom up, and the headscarf is not easily separated.

3. Hit a bow. Keep a little more hair around your cheeks and put your back hair on one side.

short hair

Short hair: stylish bow casual style

1. Apply hair with soft hair wax to create a sense of air. At the same time, the front bangs are screwed back.

2. Wrap your hair in a headscarf. Make a striking bow on the side to reflect the sense of maturity.

3. The hair on the back neck can be applied with a little soft wax and then rolled outwards by hand.

Long hair

Long hair: a loose bow tie that gives a gentle impression

1. The knot of the headscarf is as close as possible to the center. Pay attention to the pressure of the former Liu Haitong, do not reveal small broken hair.

2, use a comb to comb the hair at the end of the hair, so that the hair looks like a sense of air, very fluffy.

3, before the bangs smeared with hard hair wax comb to the back, use short clips to hold the hair, to avoid shattering hair.

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