Collaboration between FreeHand and PageMaker

This article will explain in detail how to place FreeHand images into PageMaker, as well as between Illustrator and PageMaker.

Note: All the contents of this series of articles have been tested in PhotoShop 5.5, FreeHand 8.0.1CS, Illustrator(R) 8.0, PageMaker 6.5C.
The letters in the parentheses are shortcut keys for the PC, and the shortcut keys for the Apple computer are in the square brackets. Note the use of the English input method.

Place an image of FreeHand into PageMaker

At present, I only know one method: the path image drawn by FreeHand can be output as an EPS image file (Figure FM-1) by outputting the command (Ctrl+Shift+R) [Command+Shift+R], and PageMaker can use the Place command ( Ctrl+D) [Command+D] to import these images directly and store them directly in the PageMaker file. (Professional production recommendation method)

Figure FM-1

Files placed in this way can retain gradients, blends, solids, charts, transparency, patterns, textures, etc. (but I haven't verified the output yet!). But also retains the characteristics of the vector file, there is no accuracy problem, you can arbitrarily zoom. (Figure FM-2)

In addition, the output EPS image file can no longer be directly edited, and can only be edited after editing the original file in FreeHand. Therefore, the original file in FreeHand should be saved separately in case of need.

Two Ways to Quickly Convert Between Illustrator and PageMaker

1, (Ctrl + C) [Command + C], (Ctrl + V) [Command + V];

2, double open window directly drag and drop.

However, the images converted by these two methods will become bitmaps that cannot be edited, and the accuracy will be reduced a lot, which is almost not practical.

The only practical way is to honestly export the Illustrator file as a TIFF diagram and then place it in the PageMaker with the Place command (Ctrl+D) [Command+D].

I personally feel that using Illustrator and PageMaker to work in combination is not as good as the combination of FreeHand and PageMaker, and may not be comprehensive enough. We can try it for ourselves.

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