Coreldraw output tips


1 Some font library description methods are different, the overlap of the strokes will be overprinted!

2 Paragraph texts containing special characters in Chinese and English are prone to problems such as "■, @, ★, ○", etc.

3 Use the new standard GBK font to solve the problem of remote word loss.

4 too young font, it is best not to use more than 3 colors of aliasing, such as (C10 M30 Y80) and so on, the same reason, it does not apply to dark-colored anti-white characters. Under conditions that cannot be avoided, it is necessary to mark the reversed white character, apply a similar color to the background, or print a single color (usually black K).

Problems with gradients

1 The common problem is this: If the red → black gradient, set the wrong: (M100 → K100) will be hard to see in the middle!
The correct setting should be like this: (M100 → M100 K100) Under the careful analysis, we will understand, and other situations will be analogized.

2 transparent gradient, is suitable for network graphics methods, grayscale can also be, but the final draft output can not be, because of its spatial mixing mode is RGB, screen mixing color with printing CMYK too different. Pay attention.

3 The black part of the gradient should not be too low, such as 5% black, because the output has a black overprint option, less than 10% of the black is usually used instead of overprinting, resulting in problems, the same, the use of pure light black also Be careful

Picture issue

1 About the psd file, one thing to note is that after you import it, do not do any "destructive operations", such as: rotation,
Mirroring, tilting, etc. Due to its transparent mask, a broken image is produced after output.

2 is still a mask, use it in Coreldraw should be careful, if necessary, it is better to adopt the "placed container" method more insurance.

3 resolution and re-sampling Do not do this in corel, "conversion to bitmap" is indeed convenient, but the loss of color reproduction, to professional point, in the ps to get it.

4 color mode, don't blame me, this is the veteran also has the wrong hand.
All pictures must be cmyk or grayscale and monochrome bitmaps, otherwise they cannot be output.


Use PDF files for prepress inspection! The order is as follows: *.cdr → The output is "encapsulated EPS, that is, *.EPS" PDF file generated by Acrobat Distiller's EPS generation *.pdf, which can be directly printed by some printing manufacturers, and the file size can be E- Mail delivery. If you have a mistake in your file, you can see it at a glance in the PDF preview!

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