Custom furniture, beware of falling into three traps

Four notes on custom furniture

When choosing custom furniture, many people tend to blindly pursue individuality, neglecting the use of living space and family habits, so that customized products have lost practical significance.

According to the characteristics of the current Xi'an furniture customization industry, the reporter interviewed some designers and sales staff of customized products, summed up the four major considerations of custom furniture.

â– Determining customized products based on room size

Home-customized products must first meet the daily needs of family members. When choosing custom furniture, the type and size of the product should be determined based on the number and condition of family members. If the size of the house is limited, but the population is slightly larger, the furniture should be mainly space-saving. When choosing products such as wardrobes and cabinets, the shape should be as simple as possible and the volume should be relatively small.

â– Customized products and decoration style should be unified

Many people complain about the furniture that comes back to the home. After being placed at home, it feels different from the decoration style of the home. In this regard, the home improvement designer Li Jing suggested that what style of furniture should be customized at home, should be determined before the renovation. Renovated furniture, often can not be unified style.

â–  Shop around to make a reasonable budget

The seemingly cheap custom furniture should be careful. There may be no problems on the surface. After using it for a period of time, you can realize the principle of “one point for one price”. Therefore, when consumers choose custom furniture, they should make a budget according to their actual needs. Don't buy back inferior products because they are cheap.

â–  Resolutely eliminate supplies with low usage rates

Determine the style and type of furniture, and determine which furniture is necessary according to the budget and family members' habits. Some custom furniture that is not used or has a low usage rate can save money and make it more practical. Household items.

Customized wardrobes, closets, cabinets... When personalized products are more and more popular among young people, customizing various furniture directly to manufacturers has gradually become the target of many people and the new darling of the market.

Because you have a customized service, you can directly find the furniture according to your own preferences or living habits. However, a problem that cannot be ignored at present is that although customized products can meet the diverse needs of people, but because many aspects are still not standardized, once the problems arise, the rights and interests of consumers are often not guaranteed. Therefore, when consumers choose a customized product, they cannot blindly pursue individuality and neglect the requirements for quality and standards of household products.

â– Customized furniture to meet individual requirements

It is the dream of Wu Xin, a citizen of Xi'an, to have a personal wardrobe of his own and put in his favorite clothes and shoes. After the renovation of his new home, Wu Xin ran a lot of home stores in Xi'an, and did not find a large closet of suitable size. According to a friend, Wu Xin customized a whole set of wardrobes, not only rational use of the home space, but also the price is cheaper than the wardrobe on the market. The various types of shelves specially made in the closet also included the items such as bedding, clothes and even socks, which saved Wu Xin a lot of space.

In fact, from a practical point of view, the current furniture on the market has become more and more difficult to meet the needs of modern people's home space due to factors such as style and size restrictions and difficulty in integrating into the overall decoration style. While the overall furniture customization method solves these contradictions, it can make better use of the space and provide convenience for future maintenance and adjustment.

The reporter learned in some home building materials market in Xi'an that at present, there are more and more types of custom furniture. Wardrobe, closet, cabinet, sofa, sanitary ware, tableware and other products can be based on consumer preferences, room size and home. The overall decoration style is tailor-made, and some manufacturers even have launched an overall customization service from furniture production to jewelry matching, which satisfies people's individual requirements for home space.

â– Standards do not necessarily trap traps

From the point of view of saving money, if the reputation of the manufacturer is very good, then custom furniture is very cost-effective. If all the furniture is customized, find a reliable manufacturer, choose a more environmentally friendly main material to implement the overall customization, because the material utilization rate is high, it will save more than 1,000 yuan for the finished furniture that purchases the same materials, and many consumption They also chose to customize products for saving money.

However, at present, there is no standard for custom-made furniture. In terms of materials, environmental protection, and price, it is still based on self-consultation between manufacturers and consumers. Due to the asymmetry of information, once consumers do not pay attention, they may fall into the custom misunderstanding, so that they have more pockets.

Trap one: pricing model

It is understood that the custom furniture pricing model is generally: the actual use of materials × unit price + main parts cost = total price. When interviewed by some custom furniture stores in Xi'an, the reporter found that when the salesperson quoted, they often only told the consumers the price of the materials used per square meter. When the wardrobe was made, the metal fasteners, rails, hinges, etc. of the shelves were installed. It will be charged separately. If the sliding door is installed, the price of the door and the push-pull track will be extra. If the consumer does not ask clearly, the price will be calculated based on the amount of material used, and the finished wardrobe will definitely exceed the budget.

Trap 2: different material usage algorithms

The main cost of custom furniture is the price of the main material. Similarly, in the case of custom-made wardrobes, many people think that the amount of materials used is the area after the completion. If the overall wardrobe is 3 square meters in total, it is considered that the price of the material directly is the price of the main material, but the shelf is neglected. The area of ​​material used for the shelf. The amount of general custom products, especially custom furniture materials, is calculated as the expanded area, not the overall area.

Trap 3: Product quality is difficult to judge

During the interview, the reporter saw that the samples provided by the customized products are all based on raw materials to distinguish the price. The same specifications of sliding doors, the price of materials varies from 4,000 yuan to 10,000 yuan, for the average consumer, very It is difficult to distinguish the difference between each material. If the manufacturer shoddy and cut corners during the production process, it is difficult for consumers to find out.

â–  A detailed list should be agreed upon after the intention is reached

According to the reporter's understanding, since most of the customized products are tailored according to the requirements of consumers, after the consumers propose customized services, the sales staff will generally explain that "customized products are not returned", and the consumer's constraints on the sales and service of the manufacturers are almost blank. Wang Weihua, who lives in the southern suburbs of Xi'an, has encountered such a problem: Because she saw a dilapidated small cabinet on the photo album in a household goods store, Ms. Wang spent more than 2,000 yuan to set the product and send it to her home. At the time, she discovered that the colors on the cabinet and the booklet were completely inconsistent.

Wanting to retire, the owner refused because the contract had already stated that "customized products are not returned", and Ms. Wang ate a dumb loss.

Furniture like this is custom-made in the home furnishing store. The appearance looks very fashionable, but it is difficult to guarantee in terms of environmental protection and quality. There are also problems with the source of materials. The after-sales service relies entirely on the reputation of the owner.

Su Fei, who specializes in custom-made furniture for hand-painted furniture in Xi'an, told reporters that at present, there is a lack of standards and management specifications for customized products in the market. For example, hand-painted furniture and old-fashioned furniture are all custom-made products with strong personalization. When you choose to purchase, you must ask the salesperson to specify a detailed list of the size, internal structure, materials, and hardware of the furniture, and clearly agree with the merchant on the quality, color difference, after-sales, etc., and write the contract, so that Effectively restricts merchants’ opportunistic and irresponsible behavior.

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