Dolomite: Foreign famous Dolomite shoes

Dolomite: The prestigious Dolomite shoes abroad

Dolomite shoes were born in Italy in 1897. Over a hundred years of shoe making techniques, there are many secret recipes, experience, enthusiasm, and management behind them. In 1954 and 2004, they respectively boarded K2 ----- 8611 meters. Dolomite's professional collections, advanced collections, mountaineering collections, women's wear collections, and children's wear collections are all exquisite in terms of material selection and workmanship. They are well known in foreign countries and entered the Chinese market in 2003. Now they are Shenzhen travel accessories. The company is a Chinese agent for this brand. Asians have wide feet, high stomatal height, straightness, and large toes. Therefore, when choosing a shoe, you must be careful to choose a larger interior space (but you must fit your own foot shape) so as to ensure the freedom of the toes in the shoes. Activities to improve the comfort of the foot in the shoe when walking. Dolomite has a long history and outstanding quality. It belongs to mid-to-high-end brands. It has a wide range of styles and is very cost-effective. The shoes are straight, the inside is wide, the back is relatively tall, and the heel is slightly convex, which enhances the stability of the heel. With a special hard-to-collision toe cap, the height of the upper and the shape of the shoe are more rationalized than similar products, the design is more scientific, it is more suitable for the feet of Asians, and it has a global market. Most of Dolomite's shoes use water-repellent breathable leather or DLM fiber-leather plus Vibram soles and GORE-TEX film, and DLM fiber-leather plus Vibram soles and GORE-TEX film-based shoes (climbing series). Such shoes can retain the basic function of hiking shoes: waterproof and breathable, heel crash protection, high-top to effectively prevent inadvertent sprains during exercise, the soles of the premise of non-slip wear and tear make the weight of the shoes themselves to reduce, and then Improve the sensitivity when wearing. The color tone will not be very publicized, and some fashionable elements will be added to replace the traditional bulky and bloated design concept with a light and beautiful appearance. At the same time, it will be possible to wear sweatpants, pants, straight-lined or closed mouths. Pants, Dolomite is a very good choice. Suitable for medium-high altitude mountain trails, gravel, muddy, and grassy terrain, it is also suitable for heavy walking tours. Some of the shoes use ultra-light soles, which are more suitable for hiking, self-driving tours and very feminine. The professional series and high-grade series are made of full leather uppers and can be equipped with crampons, which are suitable for rugged mountain terrain and mountain icing terrain.

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