Drinks - how do pearls of pearl milk tea do?

The homemade pearl powder is round and has a chewing head. There are two small tips: First, the ratio of water to powder is very important. After the solution of the two is adjusted, it should be grasped by hand. The second state is to turn off the fire before the pearl powder is cooked. Cover the lid and stuff it in the pot. How do pearls of pearl milk tea do? Followed by the detailed steps of the whole process, everyone will do it yourself!

        The detailed steps and methods of making pearl milk tea pearls.


The round part of pearl powder: 30 grams of brown sugar, 60 grams of water, 140 grams of raw potato starch (adjusted according to the degree of water absorption of starch), the amount of starch used in hand powder.

Part of the milk tea: 4 packets of black tea tea bag, 1000 grams of water, 40 grams of three warm sugar (if not, brown sugar or rock sugar powder can be used instead), milk powder 70 grams.


1. After the brown sugar is weighed, sieve it into a large container.

2. The brown sugar after sieving is loose and delicate, and 60 grams of water is added to it.

3. Use chopsticks to fully mix the brown sugar with the water to make the brown sugar completely dissolved in the water.

4. Continue to add 140 grams of potato starch to the container.

5. Add water or starch appropriately according to the degree of water absorption of the starch. After the solution is adjusted, it will be in a state of flow and non-flow.

6. Put a little dry starch on the hand, take a small piece of the viscous solution from step 5 and pour it into a small ball in the palm of your hand, then place it on a plate with a layer of dry starch.

7. Pour enough water into the skillet and simmer until it boils. Screen the starch on the round surface of the pearl powder with a sieve, then pour it into boiling water, cook for 20 minutes on high heat, and suffocate for 20 minutes after turning off the heat.

8. After the powder is cooked, remove it, rinse it in cold water, take it out, and serve it in a bowl.

9. Start preparing to make milk tea. Pour the weighed milk powder and the three warm sugar into the bowl.

10. Pour 1000 grams of water into the skillet, boil over high heat, turn off the water after boiling, and put in a tea bag for 5 minutes.

11. After the black tea is soaked, go out to the tea bag. Pour in the milk powder and the three warm sugar and mix well.

12. The milk tea section is also ready. Sprinkle about 10 pearl powder in a cup with a spoon and pour in the milk tea to drink.

        Tips on how to make pearl milk tea pearls:

1. There are two explanations for the raw material part: it is best to use potato starch, and the pearl powder made by the round is more Q; the three warm sugar for making the milk tea can also be replaced by brown sugar or rock sugar powder, and the nutrition of the three warm sugar and brown sugar is more comprehensive. Brown sugar is full of iron.

2. It is best to finish the pearl powder circle within 2 to 3 hours, otherwise it will easily soften and affect the taste.

3. In order to prevent the pearl powder from sticking to each other after cooking, you can put 1 teaspoon of honey in the bowl and stir the powder evenly. This way the powder will not stick together.

4. The secret of milk tea fragrant: When you brew the black tea bag in step 10, it can be 5 minutes. If the time is too long, the milk tea will be easy to suffer.

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