Environmentally friendly furniture is sought after for furniture certification.

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] National Day is generally a consumption peak in the furniture market. This year's consumers are more concerned with the environmental health of furniture when choosing furniture. Recently, the reporter visited two large home stores in Zaozhuang City and found that the eleventh is near, the furniture brands are playing a big fight, environmental protection has become an important gimmick, and various environmental protection certifications for furniture are various. Some online consulting companies claim to be self-proclaimed. Can help companies "operate" environmental certification of products.

The festival will be close to the business

At present, consumers are most concerned about environmental protection indicators such as formaldehyde, whether they are buying furniture or interior decoration. The environmental protection index of furniture has become one of the most concerned issues for consumers when purchasing furniture. Various quality certifications and environmental certificates have gradually become the magic weapon for merchants to attract business.

On the morning of the 17th, the reporter visited a furniture city on Jianhua West Road. In a brand furniture store, the reporter just mentioned the "environmental protection" problem, and the staff introduced the environmental protection furniture. "Now a little bit of people who come to buy furniture will ask about environmental issues. If you choose a brand, you can rest assured that our glue is certified." The staff introduced the formaldehyde in the furniture mainly from some raw materials added in the production. Such as glue, paint, and so on.

Afterwards, the reporter visited a number of brand furniture stores, many brands have slogans such as "the lowest amount of formaldehyde emission", and the staff in the store also promoted the products with the quality of "environmental protection, health" and other products. According to reports, in addition to price factors, environmental performance is the main consideration for consumers to buy furniture.

Children's furniture pays more attention to styles, and manufacturers often use cartoon shapes to decorate them. In order to meet the children's needs for colorful, paints containing excessively heavy metals are also used in some children's furniture. Therefore, consumers are more concerned about environmental protection and safety when purchasing children's furniture.

According to the staff of a children's furniture brand store, from the perspective of health and environmental protection, children's furniture is recommended to use solid wood furniture painted with water-based paint. Made from natural wood, it eliminates the appearance of formaldehyde from the source of the material. In addition, water-based paint is a natural environmentally friendly paint synthesized by using water as a diluent and natural resin, and does not contain harmful substances such as benzene and heavy metals.

The same brand of children's room including bed, wardrobe , desk, the average price is about 5,000 yuan, and the pastoral style of water-based lacquer solid wood furniture costs a few thousand dollars or even tens of thousands.

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