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【Greenfield Equipment Camp May Period】Meiler Amphibious Shoes Test Report

Application for assessment products: MERRELL WATER SPORT Amphibious Series Hiking Shoes No.: R482039
Name of Product: WATERPRO TAWAS
Number: 43#
Assessor: Current Testimonial Location: Pinggu International Walking Avenue Asphalt Road in Guang'anmen Assessment Period: May 15, 2010 - May 18, 2010

First, product basic characteristics evaluation:

Shoe fabric

Lightweight, strong fast-drying mesh provides full protection for both feet. Breathing also liberated your feet. Oh, your feet can also breathe fresh air from nature.

The color of shoes is more coordinated and looks very comfortable. The toe cap is wider than the body of the shoe, allowing enough space for the toes to move without feeling crowded when walking; and the toe of this shoe is made of protective rubber, which can effectively reduce the toe when colliding with stones or hard objects. The head injury plays a very good protective role. Laces are elliptical cross-section designs that are not easily released after the shoelace is attached. Designers are very careful. The tongue is very soft and it feels admirable after putting on the shoes. There is no discomfort during the hiking. The upper is a large mesh design, very breathable, even if you wear a long time do not feel hot, Lining uses antibacterial materials, off the shoes when there is no smell, very comfortable.

2. Sole drainage system

May 18 afternoon heavy rain, walked in the water once feels wet shoes, but there is no water in the shoes, less than 2 hours all dry.

3. Tongue shoelace system design, etc.

Second, functional evaluation:

1. Breathability

Wear it on your feet to feel breathable and cool. The structure of the tongue closely adheres to the sole of the foot, is solid and thick, and has a spacious opening. It is very convenient to wear shoes and take off your shoes. The shoe upper and the tongue are mainly made of anti-stretch mesh mesh. The breathability of this material is good, making this pair of shoes excellent in breathability.

2. Drainage performance

I went to experience the upstream on Sunday afternoon and walked in the water and land for an hour. The shoes were completely dry in less than an hour when the shoes were completely wet.

Walking in water

When walking in the water, there is not a lot of water in the shoes, and the water is quickly discharged after the feet are lifted.

Walking in the water did not feel heavy, and soon after the water was drained, the shoe material must be non-hydrophilic and dry.

Feeling the grip of the shoes on the wet stones, the effect is good.

Summary: It is comfortable to wear this shoe upstream. The mesh on both sides of the shoe is fine, the mesh behind it is large, and fine sand can be quickly discharged into the foot during the process. Behind the heel there is a wide, tight band that can be adjusted. It can be tightened by the width and width of the foot. This is another place where designers can take a closer look. The material of the sole is very soft and it feels good to hike. Even if it has been on the concrete floor for more than an hour, the soles of the feet have no strange feeling. The grip on the gravel and cement roads is also very good.

3. Barefoot wearing performance

Wearing bare feet feels good and I can't feel my feet. After the back and the insole is really comfortable, after the river can socks off.

4. Non-slip, grip performance (mountain roads, streams, stones, moss, etc.)

Shoes look impeccable from the exterior design, in addition to adhering to the consistent style of hiking shoes, adding a lot of contemporary popular dynamic design elements are very strong, the whole gives a dynamic, atmospheric sensory enjoyment. A few kilometers of walking tests were performed on that day. The new shoes gave a comfortable feeling. All interior designs basically conformed to the foot structure and compared with the previous ones as if they were on the feet.

Fire protection

Mountain Road


The mountain road test has good anti-slip performance and the grip is very stable. The v bottom is not blown. Walking on the stone feels slippery and does not find brook and moss. However, in heavy rain tests, the anti-skid performance is very good. The special knife cuts the pattern slip non-slip big bottom, the special groove shading, the grip, the non-slip effect first-rate. The protective rubber on the toe cap is very good, reducing the damage to the toes when kicking stones or hard objects. Even if it is continuous downhill, the toes are not guilty. The design of the lines on the soles is also worth mentioning. The grip on the dry ground performed better.

In the test of jogging, I was wearing ordinary cotton socks. I felt dry during the whole run. After running, I took off my socks and I was not sweaty. The toe cap was comfortable when running, and the toes did not have any squeezing discomfort, but the heel was a little scratchy. The shoes are light and feel light when walking or jogging. The sole is soft, and the forefoot of the foot is very natural when jogging; the shock absorption function is also good, practical and comfortable.

Third, the evaluation results

Mele amphibious products are the best combination of outdoor and leisure products. Lightweight, comfortable, sporty, stylish, colorful, and dynamic. I really like it!

The shoes are light and can reduce fatigue when you are on foot for a long time. The toe has a hard (PU) toe cap and the heel part uses an airbag insole, which has enough pre-formed space and strong stability. Toe part of the use of three-dimensional rubber material, wear-resistant and not easily deformed, with the role of the protection of the toes; rubber bottom grip, wear and non-slip.

This shoe has a small amount of space on the tip of the toes, not only helps to circulate with the air, but also does not destroy the toes when the toes come down. The wrapping on both sides of the shoe is good. After tightening the laces, there will be no hollow feeling.

The performance of the sole is better. In the smooth slope rock face, earth slope, gravel road surface, and rain water surface, the big bottom plays a considerable role, and the friction force is much better than the usual soft rubber outsole. This design makes I can maintain a faster speed when passing through a complex road. The insole with airbags absorbs some of the foot's vibrations when going downhill. It is tough and full of tension, greatly reducing the chance of knee injury.

A pair of shoes tried on for a week, its performance and quality just as legendary, let me suddenly find the "true love". Therefore, I would like to conclude that the Melo amphibious shoe is a “sacred shoe” designed for hiking, tourism and long-distance trekking; all kinds of road conditions, it can make you cope with it, its benefits are completely Can meet your imagination and beyond your imagination.

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