Evaluation: Give the room a warm KBH fabric sofa

潮流与复古的完美结合 KBH布艺沙发评测

Product brand: KBH

Product model: Fabric sofa 1101

Product material: solid wood frame; short velvet fabric; Singapore imported gray goose feather; multi-layer sponge

Suitable style: retro style

Suitable for the crowd: people who pursue enjoyment, people who like literature and retro style

TVB is broadcasting the TV series "King of Wanfeng", and at first glance, this sofa is related to the fabric color of the sofa is very similar to the color presented in the drama. The warm purple-toned sofa seat and the thick and sleek pedals make the feeling of design feel like crossing the past and giving people a new and unique feeling.

KBH's sofa is mainly made of deep purple, without losing the unique festive color of China - red and purple.

This sofa has a separate sofa set, and each sofa can be pulled out separately without connection. Users can assemble according to the specific situation in the home.

Invite the clerk to sit on the spot and find that the sofa is soft and comfortable, the sofa is flexible, the pillow is soft, and it feels comfortable to sit up. The sofa is also carefully set up to allow the user to enjoy the rest time in the most comfortable sitting position.

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