Evaluation: minimalist design Schumann furniture naturalistic bedroom products


This bedroom suite includes four pieces of bed, wardrobe, bedside table and dressing table. The immersive design combines contemporary French and modern minimalist styles to interpret French romance and exquisiteness while expressing nature and fashion. Life attitude. The color is bold and jumps. In addition to the auxiliary black, it also uses dark blue, grass green, light yellow, wheat white and other colors. Its style is gorgeous and unconventional, which makes the space have a charm. The product also features DIY, which can be freely disassembled, combined, and infinitely variable. It is not very high in price, and it has a strong appeal to young petty bourgeoisie both in price and design.

This product has two bedsides, which is a kind of relationship between husband and wife and equality. It not only satisfies the traditional habits of Chinese people, but also reflects the modern aesthetics of the West. It is more in line with the current young group and hopes to have more personal space. Psychological appeal. A bold attempt was made in the color matching, mainly using dark blue and grass green, rich and beautiful color matching and rounded perfect lines, so that the rhythm of the shape and the concept of life of Chinese culture are integrated into the minimalist design. Thought makes people feel natural, comfortable, pleasant and fashionable.


The unique design and craftsmanship are designed in the downward direction of the back of the rounded curve, so that the comfortable curve design is more ergonomic and makes the human body feel comfortable. The cushions attached to the backrest are movable, so that the user's head can be held behind, and can be used while reading, reading, etc., or can be removed to provide a comfortable sitting feeling for the user. Comfortable and easy to clean.

The cloth cover of the bed can be freely disassembled in summer. It is relatively cool. In winter, the cloth cover is warmer. It can be adjusted according to your mood and seasonal changes, and replaced with different cloth covers and surface materials. Changing a color is also a different mood.


The bed bar and the integrated insertion of the foot and the foot make the bed structure stronger and the curved shape inward, effectively reducing the bump on the feet. The bed corner design is very fashionable and makes the sleep more secure, more comfortable and easy to clean. You can stuff the bedding into the frame of the bed (depending on your preference). The price after folding is 11,000 yuan, including the mattress. Movable cloth cover and printed pillow.


The fluff is plump and flat, the texture is thick, the hand feels soft, the gloss is soft, the wear is durable, the warmth is good, the elasticity is strong, and it is not easy to wrinkle. Schumann furniture 50 kinds of fabrics belong to a combination of hemp and cotton, but there are several kinds of velvet. This cloth cover is one of them. It is made of dark blue velvet fabric, which makes people feel warm and comfortable.

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