Evaluation: The innovative technology of Wrigley's siphonic one-piece toilets brings a high-quality experience

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As early as 1998, when China's ceramic industry was still in the ascendant, Wrigley Sanitary Ware had taken the lead in solving the thermoforming production problems of one-piece toilets in China. In the same year, he also cooperated with Tsinghua University to carry out ergonomic research.

At the beginning of research and development, Wrigley Sanitary Ware paid great attention to the elaboration of products, and achieved a harmonious integration of Chinese culture and European and American customs. In fact, Wrigley Sanitary Ware not only created a trend, but also continued to follow this path.

Product Details

Evaluation brand: Wrigley bathroom

Evaluation product: Wrigley AB1240 one-piece toilet

Product specifications: 710 * 395 * 680mm

Main material: ceramic

Product features: jet siphon

Applicable places: toilet

Evaluation project: appearance material function

1. Appearance

The shape is generous, the water tank has a strong sense of line, unique, double-gear buttons, water saving and environmental protection, crystal clear glaze, efficient antibacterial. Buffer cover, quiet and environmentally friendly, jet siphon flushing, quiet and efficient drainage and deodorization.

The Wrigley toilet uses imported glaze and is glazed three times, with a glaze thickness of 0.7-0.9 mm. The surface of the product is smooth and smooth, the color is as bright as jade, and the porcelain is round and delicate. Easy to clean and lasts as long as new. And the use of unique high-temperature microcrystalline self-cleaning glaze technology, adding silver ions, so that the dirt is not easy to adhere; and high temperature firing, glaze surface hardness is high; self-cleaning function with the product for life.

Second, the details

High-quality glaze, even and delicate. The use of unique high-temperature self-cleaning glaze technology, adding silver ions, makes the dirt difficult to attach, efficient bacteriostasis, easy to absorb odor for a long time, will not produce odor.

The S-type sewage pipe is designed to use the principle of siphon to flush the sewage. The characteristic is that the sound of the flushing is small, and the water rotates down the inner wall of the toilet.

Photograph of the cloth water hole, the cloth water hole is clearly visible, so that the stain is washed thoroughly.

3. Wear resistance

The cover material is hard, anti-engraving and anti-scratch, and there is no trace after the metal key is scratched.

The toilet uses a high-purity UF (urea-formaldehyde) cover plate, all raw materials are imported, it does not change color and does not age, and it is super wear-resistant. In order to prove the strength of the cover plate, the shopping guide stands on the cover plate on one foot, which is completely affordable, proving that this cover plate is strong and durable.

Wrigley toilets all use advanced full-pipe glazing technology, the inner wall is smooth and flat, enhance the ability to discharge sewage, do not hang dirt or hide dirt. The evaluator touched his hand into the sewage pipe and felt the touch was delicate, which was exactly the same as the glazing process on the toilet surface.

Four, mute effect

The material contains anti-oxidant, not easy to change color, not easy to aging, strong impact resistance, extend the service life, slowly drop the cover plate, gently push to the position of the cover plate to slide down, the effect of slow falling mute comes with the cover plate slow down function, reduce the noise of life .

Plug-in installation, completed in 2 minutes, even if it is clean.

The material of the cover plate is the same as that of the main body of the toilet, and the matching installation is provided. There are also matching models visible on the cover.

V. Details

Wrigley independently developed high-quality water parts, using polymer engineering materials ABS, excellent quality, effective water saving, durable and stable performance

The accessories in the water tank are fine, and the wall of the water tank is smooth and easy to clean.

Wrigley AB1240 adopts high-quality Wrigley's self-produced water parts, which has a light feel and has an anti-siphon backflow design to ensure hygienic water quality. Its service life can reach more than 100,000 times (10 years). Water Parts has obtained various international certifications: CSA (Canada), UPC (United States) and other certifications.

The Wrigley toilet uses advanced principles to greatly improve water-saving technology.

Evaluation summary: Wrigley AB1240 one-piece toilet has a simple and elegant shape, round lines, elegant and classic, and a beautiful design can be versatile in any style of bathroom decoration. The porcelain is fine and the glaze is smooth and not easy to hang dirty. The water tank and toilet are connected with one-piece design. The capacity of the water tank is currently the mainstream design of 3 / 6L on the market. The flushing method is jet siphon, which has a faster sewage speed and lower noise. The toilet cover is equipped with a damping device to buffer without noise. The cover plate connecting piece is made of ABS engineering plastic, which is anti-corrosive and durable without rust. On the whole, it is a cost-effective product.

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