Extension of corrugated and composite paperboard products (3)

Corrugated and composite cardboard applications

Topless cardboard tray

According to the requirements of domestic and export fruit and vegetable producers and consumers, the type and effect of packaging boxes still need to be improved. Driven by this demand, close cooperation between corrugated board manufacturers and machine builders such as Boix has produced topless cardboard pallets.

The main purpose of the development of non-top cardboard pallets is to produce a packaging tray with less consumption of cardboard and better resistance, which has been a great success. Due to its high strength and good air permeability, this cardboard tray can make the product better when it reaches the destination.

The wide variety of existing topless cardboard pallets are mostly patented by cardboard manufacturers, which requires the development of machines necessary for the production of such new types of cardboard pallets. This work can only be successful if the cardboard manufacturers and the machine manufacturers cooperate closely.

Along with the launch of the topless cardboard tray, its bottom dimensions are also marked; the four types are deuterated: 60 x 40, 50 x 40, 40 x 30 and 30 x 20. All of these dimensions are designed to facilitate the use of standard 120 x 100 or 120 x 80 carrier discs for more efficient use of handling tools and storage space. This standardization requires a machine that produces cardboard pallets to produce a variety of cardboard pallets of a standard size.

The new pallets made of standard structural corrugated board, like the garment design, can meet the user's special requirements for size, weight and shipping conditions. It includes rung spacing, top and bottom thickness variations, and coating applications. At present, due to environmental reasons, international transportation requirements do not use wooden pallets as much as possible, so the demand for corrugated cardboard pallets has grown rapidly and favored.

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