Fashion mix and match small-sized flat-shaped wardrobe to take the fashion frontier

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] Modern young people like simple style decoration, but also have a special liking for European style and Korean style. While ensuring fashion, they can not ignore the storage problem. Can you combine these factors to create a fashion mix and match style? The Chinese wardrobe network organizes a set of cases for everyone. Every inch of space is exquisite and neat. The large wardrobe of the master bedroom is the only one, shouldering the heavy responsibility of the whole bedroom. It is so wonderful and definitely worthy of your collection.

Mix and match style home

Design area : unobstructed aisle design

Case Comment : An aisle is formed between the TV background wall and the coffee table, and the use of the door is abandoned, and the space is unimpeded. The unobstructed design of the pure white space maximizes the natural light of the living room, giving the space a spacious, comfortable and bright visual experience.

One-frame wardrobe design

Design area : a relaxed restaurant design

Case Comment : The open design makes the space more open, and the treatment of the ceiling subtly weakens the building structure, and at the same time divides the functional area, and the space is relaxed. The restaurant, kitchen and bar in the entire space are well organized.

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