Floor radiant heating problems and solutions

If used properly, floor radiant heating can typically be reduced by 20% to 40% compared to convection heating systems.

The floor where the room is located, the orientation of the room, the insulation condition of the wall, the size of the glass window, and whether or not double-layer insulating glass is used cause the insulation and heat dissipation conditions of the house to vary greatly. For example, the multi-faceted wall of the single-family villa directly contacts the outside world to dissipate more heat. If you don't do well, the room needs to reach the same temperature, and the required heat supply may be multiplied. Secondly, the habits of each family are different. The comfort temperature required by different families differs by 2 to 5 °C. Some families are used to open the windows two and a half hours in the morning and evening, which naturally affects the operating costs. The floor heating adopts radiant heating, and the heating conforms to the physiological demand curve of the human body. Even if the indoor set temperature is 2~5°C lower than the convection heating, people can have the same warm feeling, while the floor heating adopts low temperature heat source and temperature difference heat loss. It is greatly reduced, and the thermal efficiency is greatly improved compared with convection heating, which can reduce the operating cost of the system by 20-30%. If you choose and use the control system properly, you can not only improve the comfort of the room, but also reduce the operating cost of the system to 40% or more.

Usually, people think that “radiation of floor heating” is specially designed for independent heating. In fact, users of central heating can also lay pipes in their own homes and change air convection to floor radiation, but the modification must pay attention to temperature control.

Heating or central air conditioning central heating hot water supply temperature is 60-90 ° C, if the direct connection to the floor heating system is obviously too high temperature, not only because the surface temperature is too high, causing human discomfort, but also reduce the life of the floor heating system. If the mixed flow bypass floor heating system is set up in the central heating inlet, and the water temperature of the floor heating system is controlled to 30-50 °C required for floor heating, the floor heating system can be used.

Nowadays, all kinds of qualified solid wood flooring, solid wood composite flooring, laminate flooring, stone, ceramic tile, linen carpet, wool carpet, cement brick, rubber floor and floor leather can be used for floor heating. However, the floor heating floor environment is much more complicated and the processing technology is more demanding. In general, the room with the geothermal system should be selected as the laminate flooring, because the thickness of the laminate flooring is mostly about 8 mm, it is easy to transfer the heat generated by the geothermal system to the surface, and the surface of the laminate is metal oxide. The wear layer of the material, the heat spreads quickly and evenly on the surface. The solid wood floor is relatively thick, and the keel is also required to be installed, so the heat is not easily transmitted to the surface; in addition, the heat transfer coefficient of the wood is very low, which is easy to crack and deform, and also causes waste of heat and uneven surface temperature.

The flat floor type generally installs a temperature control device in a typical position (living room, main bedroom), and the temperature control device is connected to the wall-hung boiler. The temperature controller directly adjusts the boiler feed water temperature according to the room temperature and temperature setting, and the temperature of each room in the operation is the same as the temperature. drop. You can ask the professional to manually adjust the water separator ball valve by experience, set the opening degree of different circuit valves, change the flow of different circuits, and adjust the relative room temperature of different rooms.

The stratified floor type adopts zone control. Generally, a water separator is set separately on each floor. A temperature controller is provided to feedback the temperature in the zone to the water inlet valve of the water separator to adjust the water flow rate, thereby adjusting the temperature of the floor. The temperature of each room is the same as the rise.

As for the owner of a single-family villa, there may be higher requirements for comfort and a large difference in room function (master bedroom, children's room, bathroom, garage, guest room, gym, function room, etc.), which requires sub-room control, ie Different circuits on the same water separator are separately temperature-controlled.

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