Hand disinfection foot-washing disinfection tank for food industry

The hands of food workers are most vulnerable to pathogenic microorganisms. In the past, some enterprises used peroxide disinfectants or chlorine-containing disinfectants to soak hands, and hand disinfection methods were inadvertent, in addition to secondary pollution foods, Secondary pollution containers, secondary pollution tools, secondary pollution work surfaces, etc., and finally superimposed cross-contaminated foods, resulting in food failure. It can be seen that the importance of hand sterilizers in related industries!

Domestic food processing companies are vigorously promoting the “GMP”, “SSOP”, “HACCP” and “QS” programs, and installing a disinfection machine in each key post (usually after a wind shower) The hand basin, while meeting the standard requirements, not only saves a lot of disinfectant, but also improves work efficiency and avoids secondary pollution before and after disinfection.

The number of employees in the company, the number of channels entering the workshop, and the economic affordability plan are supporting the disinfection sinks of the mothers (our company's main foot pedal, if you need induction, purchase must be explained), the sink pool molecular mother tank, the front tank disinfectant The rear tank is a sink; the corresponding number of faucets is designed according to the number of people; the general hand soap is selected as colorless and odorless detergent or industrial hand soap; and the disinfectant is generally selected as 50ppm sodium hypochlorite solution or 75% alcohol (foot disinfectant 250) -300ppm sodium hypochlorite solution) The process is: "foot water pedal - faucet flushing - hand immersed in 20cm disinfectant - inductive hand drying".

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