Home style uniform and more stylish wardrobe and door handed down love

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] Many people will choose the matching home, for the uniform style, the home looks more harmonious and beautiful. However, after the actual installation, there will always be minor problems. For example, your bedroom closet and bedroom door, European style wardrobe with modern style door, or dark wardrobe with light color door, although the furniture in the space has unified style, but it does not achieve 100% satisfactory effect. Details affect success or failure, rather a temple, not a marriage, wardrobe and door is the lover of past lives.

Jane European Cloakroom: Love that penetrates time and space

European style wardrobe

Originating from the Jane-European style of the 18th century, it has a strong vitality in the jungle above the city. For example, the waves wash the secular world, and the tides rise and fall, leaving the most classic lines. Unique and elegant, like a dreamy lingering, the simple simplicity after washing the lead is the craving of the city's new expensive.

The cabinet is designed with flexible design and ecological doors full of fashion and elegance. The uniform color of the wardrobe and the door, the simple European style is perfectly integrated between the wardrobe and the door, creating a faint sense of simple European style. sense.

The design style of the corner makes full use of the spacious space, which not only gives the maximum satisfaction in the demand of the storage space, but also brings freshness in the shape. The texture and color of ash has won the warm heart of people with a plain style, highlighting the texture of exquisite life. The overall space is wide and comfortable, and the simple color creates the fashion and elegant temperament of the cloakroom.

The ecological door and wardrobe of the ash color: the effect is elegant and intimate, and the combination highlights the fashion while creating a calm and comfortable atmosphere.

Copper metal and white ceramic handle design: the unique arc-shaped handle is perfectly integrated with the simple and elegant cabinet. It is easy to operate and greatly enhances the visual beauty with the sparkling design.

Neoclassical bedroom: the circulation of the years, the classic love of the world

Classic wardrobe design

Years of circulation, lost in the delicate and feminine of the transformation of the stars and moons. The ups and downs of the ups and downs, the history of the mottled history, precipitated the essence. Washing and glitz, rolling grass and sorrow, recalling the sigh, regardless of the vicissitudes of life, the eternal life is always the classics of the long-lasting fragrance.

The color of the main body is the color of the main body, combined with the classic door wardrobe craftsmanship, the multifunctional locker cabinet design is stylish and stable, with beautiful and elegant wallpapers, exquisite and stylish chandelier lighting, which not only creates a kind of antique The elegant and artistic conception invisibly highlights the master's cultural connotation and elegance. It has its own unique new Chinese concept, which visually creates the most fashionable home style and classical fashion.

Elegant plate: It is the most expressive plate in Chinese style. It can not only reflect the traditional Chinese classic charm, but also create a sense of fashion elegance.

Unique style: Combining the craftsmanship of classic interpretation, on the basis of adhering to the Chinese style, we have unearthed a unique new Chinese fashion concept and lead the trend.

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