How to distinguish the quality of the electric thermostatic blast drying oven

Distinguish the quality of the electric heating constant temperature blast drying oven is not comprehensively constructed. The normal electric heating constant temperature blast drying box shells are all made by adopting hot rolling and writing steel plates. However, the thickness is very large. Because of the vacuum condition outside the vacuum drying box, in order to prevent the air pressure from damaging the inside of the box, the thickness of the shell is slightly larger than that of the blast drying box. The normal is to choose the thicker the steel plate, the better the quality, and the longer the service life. In order to facilitate inspection, the door of the drying box is provided with glass windows, which are normally tempered glass and general glass on the inlaid door. Insulation materials in the international dry box are mainly made of fiber cotton, most of which adopt polyurethane. The opposite characteristics of the two materials are mentioned above. In terms of thermal insulation effect, the temperature resistance and thermal insulation of polyurethane are better than that of fiber cotton. Normal polyurethane can keep the high temperature inside the box stable for a long time. It is not worth mentioning that the polyurethane has high efficiency and heat insulation function. Ineffectively prevent the operator from passing the high thermal injury inside and outside the box. When the drying box of fiber cotton material is at high temperature, it can only be controlled and conditioned by the temperature controller to maintain the stability of the temperature of the box, which greatly increases the task intensity of the fan and the controller, thereby increasing the use of the drying box. Lifespan. In terms of protection in the past period, because the polyurethane is injected into the inside of the box, it is particularly cumbersome in the early stage of training. Before the training, the polyurethane needs to be smashed in, and then injected. Fiber cotton is never going to be bothersome and easy to operate. Originally speaking from the market, the price of fiber cotton is extremely cheap, and can satisfy all the insulation requests. The use is broad. We propose that the finer the fiber cotton, the thicker the thickness, the higher the insulation quality. The sealing of the drying oven is normally adopted anti-aging silicone rubber, and the sealing effect is very good. The heating function is being repeated, and the selection of the fan is mainly to the main, and there are mainly two types of fans, external and export.

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