How to let children fall in love with learning through outdoor activities

How to make children fall in love with outdoor activities by learning date: 2016-03-10 14:56

Mason, the mother of family education, believes that by looking at the scenery outdoors, the children can be trained in the habit of telling the truth, allowing the children to carefully observe the facts and accurately express it without omission or exaggeration.

For example, the child asked, there are two small animals look like a sharp mouth, the other mouth flat; there is a bag on one head, the other is not; a long neck, another A short neck

At this time, parents can tell him everything about the goose and the ducks, including the knowledge of the poultry that they have extended, and the differences between mammals. Because the child's observations are very careful, they can find the typical differences between different things. .

But if you are a younger child, treat it differently. When he only described it with vague words, for example, he said: There are two animals in front of them and they are very interesting. They will tell my mother to go with me and see what it is.

At this time, the mother should not tell the child the name and related knowledge of the animal, nor should he go with him. Only when the child is very disappointed and then looks at himself and comes back to be able to describe more accurately, can the mother tell him relevant knowledge or accompany him to see.

Perhaps some parents disapprove. However, we will find that children who learn in pre-primary education will have good language and writing skills once they are in primary school. Learning liberal arts is usually not too hard.

Because they have better observation and expression skills, and these capabilities are the result of long-term accumulation in peacetime. Therefore, baby advises that parents should let their children describe the animals, plants, and various items they see. They should also encourage them to make more stories. This is an effective way to improve their observation and expression skills.

Mason said: Think about it, in the children's sunny and joyful mind, conceive a lot of pictures, have a variety of features, which is so much for their middle-aged life and old age Pleasant wealth!

Sadly, in childhood memories, most people are vague, distorted, and incomplete. Recall that these memories are as unappealing as watching cracked cups and tattered clothes. The reason for this is not that old smells have been forgotten but because they have never been observed. Therefore, the baby believes that whether it is for the children to learn knowledge or ability to improve, or for children to have a memorable childhood life, take them to the outdoors, where there is an unknown world they want to explore with the senses, where they have confirmed All the physical knowledge of knowledge, there is the place where their curiosity can be sent out.

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