How to use the tape seat?

How to use the tape holder ? The tape holder is a tool used for loading or handling tape. How to use the tape holder ? People who don't usually touch or don't belong to this kind of tool don't really know how to use the tape holder . The tape holder is something that can be used when using tape. When the tape is not used, the tape holder is a tool for holding the tape, but the tape holder is generally not separated from the tape, and they are often integrated.

How to use the tape holder ? This problem cannot be answered by ordinary people. Only those who use or touch the tape know how to use the tape holder. From the component of the tape, it is generally composed of a tape substrate, a tape primer and a tape adhesive surface. The tape for special use is often provided with a release agent or a release paper. The tape holder is not a tape of any size. It can be loaded and removed. Because the tape has different glue cores, each tape has different lengths. Therefore, they need different tape holders.

First, the composition of the tape holder has a multi-functional tape holder, which has both a seat body and a seat shaft. The seat shaft in between has a total of two small rotating shafts with a certain interval, and they are all circular. Applying a good quality adhesive to the bottom of the tape holder allows the tape holder to be repeatedly attached to a flat surface. If the adhesive on the bottom of the tape holder is degraded, it does not need to be handled with difficulty. It is easy to restore the viscosity by simply scrubbing the surface with water.

Second, when using such a tape holder, place the tape loop over the two small rotating shafts in the tape holder, let the tape pass through the bottom of the small rotating shaft at the front, and then pull it forward, so that The pulling of the tape simultaneously drives the two small rotating shafts to rotate. It is such a rotation that the tape can be cut with a small size of the tape by the artificial tape. There is a sponge in the tape holder to help and protect the tape from being strained.

How to use the tape holder ? If you use theory, you still can't have a better grasp. If you use it in practice or use it yourself, then the method of using the tape holder is easy to master. The tape holder is mainly used for the tape and the cutting tape. When designing and making the tape holder, people have taken into consideration the convenient elements of the tape holder.

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