In fact, babies love to use daily necessities as toys.

Whether you want to tease your children or want to develop your child's intelligence, parents are always keen to buy a variety of toys, but parents finally found that these carefully selected toys are not as good as a small medicine bottle at home or The remote control makes the child's interest longer. Especially when there are babies who can't talk at home, many parents have encountered such a problem of "disappointment".

In fact, babies love to use daily necessities as toys.

In fact, for a baby, anything in life is a "toy." Dr. Tong Fang, from the Growth and Development Research Laboratory of the Capital Institute of Pediatrics, said that babies are more interested in everyday products such as TV remote controls and telephones because they see adults always use them, and voices are heard over the phone. Adults often face the phone. He will be very curious when he speaks. Infants recognize the outside world by constantly repeating and reproducing, seeing what adults do, imitating them, and repeatedly stimulating to form conditioned reflexes. Toys that are expensive and that claim to develop intelligence may not be suitable for children. No matter how good the toy is, if you buy it and throw it to the child to let him play, his interest will not last too long. On the contrary, if an adult plays this toy every day, you just don't let the baby touch it, and he will find a way to grab it. Therefore, the key issue is not to buy toys for children, but to accompany them to play with them.

What kind of toys is suitable for a baby under the age of? Children think that the ball is a good toy. Parents can use it to attract children to climb with their hands. After standing up, they can let the child kick or even shoot the ball. This is a good toy that grows with your child and can meet the needs of its large muscle groups. There are also building blocks. From the big ones, you can use your thumb and forefinger to pinch, and then use two blocks to knock each other, you can practice your child's finger movements, but parents should choose not to paint when choosing the blocks, so as not to bite the child. Some parents choose some relatively large, hard-to-tear, colorful paintings when they buy books for their children. The edges of the books should not be too sharp, and the children will soon turn over the books. This is also an exercise for the fingers. !

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