Indoor door knowledge summary

Q: How do you choose a door?
A: Tell me how to choose a door. Please also give us more comments, thank you!
I think I have to look at my own budget first. See how much your budget is, and then decide which type of door to buy.
See how much your budget is, and then decide which type of door to buy.
Commonly used doors, plastered doors, molded doors, steel doors, polymer doors, wood-plastic doors, solid wood composite doors, solid wood doors.
Sticking the door, the molded door is not environmentally friendly, and most owners do not choose him.
Steel-wood doors, polymer doors are more practical, waterproof and moisture-proof, and the price is lower. 700 to 1200 are available.
Wood-plastic door is a better choice for mid-range decoration, integrated molding, environmental protection, no deformation, the price is relatively reasonable.
The price of solid wood composite doors is generally above 1500-2000. However, the owner must look at what board the manufacturer chose, the paint used, and the amount of formaldehyde released. There are many aspects to consider.
The price of solid wood doors is high, and the brand's solid wood doors range from 3000 to 4000.

Q: What are the differences between the doors of solid wood, clear oil, mixed oil and paint-free?
A: Let me talk about the solid wood composite door first, because the solid wood composite door solid wood composite door is divided into two types. The paint-free door is also a kind of solid wood composite door. Our common solid wood composite door is a five-layer structure. The core material is solid wood, and a composite board (density board) is attached to both sides of the solid material, and then a solid wood skin or a PVC film or a wear plate is attached to the surface of the composite board. The door of the solid wood skin, the surface also needs to be painted, generally four sides and two sides. If the PVC film or the wear-resistant plate is used, the surface layer does not need to be painted any more. This kind of door is also known as the paint-free door. Therefore, the difference between the paint-free door and the clear oil (mixed oil) door is: first, the surface of the surface layer is different, and the second is that the former does not need to spray paint, and the latter needs to spray paint.

Q: But why are many small brands of paint-free doors cheap?
A: The price has a lot to do with the material process. In addition, different manufacturers use different materials, which will also lead to price deviation. Including sales channels, after-sales service guarantees and so on. These will affect the price.

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