Innovative design to subvert the concept of a traditional bicycle: chainless bike [Photos]

Designed by: Bradford Waugh

This bicycle is avant-garde and has a clean and simple line design. I believe that someone has already begun to imagine riding it on the bustling street to greet the city. The novelty of this car is not in his shape, but in his subversion of the previous concept of the bike - there is no drive chain. From the picture, it is assumed that its rear wheel may be driven by gears. The specific information has not yet been found, so we can only speculate on it.

The details that need to pay attention when designing a USB Card Box are still quite numerous.

1, size, we must determine the size of each USB Card Box before designing. In determining the size of the USB card box, we have to look at the material used in this later stage of the USB card box, which is the paper thickness of the USB card box. Most of them are corrugated and corrugated, corrugated, generally E-Watt, and no corrugated paper is thick. Therefore, before the design, we must determine the thickness of the paper, so as to scale the size, do not design a good size, because after the paper, and finally the goods can not be installed.

2, USB card box, but also print, so we have to design and layout in vector software.

3. If the shape of the USB card box is rather special, then we must draw the knife line, and we must group all the knife lines together because the printing factory will make the knife mold according to your knife line.

4, we design packaging, after the knife line drawn, we generally print out 1:1, a simple folding box, see the lid, ears, etc. between the size of the structure is reasonable.

The above is the basic precautions for the design of USB card box packaging. I hope I can help you.

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USB Card Box

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