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Inspired by the sunshine to climb the mountains Date:2016-03-23 ​​14:34

Climbing and fitness, don't go too often, beware of knee injuries

Mountaineering is a good aerobic exercise. Helps increase the heart and lungs function and improves the endurance of the body. In the spring when all things are reviving and warming up, climbing out can not only strengthen one's health, but also relax in the natural beauty and refresh in the fresh air. It can be said to be a very good fitness method. On the other hand, although mountaineering can exercise, it is not recommended to be too frequent and become your own routine.

Zhang Xiaoyang, deputy director of the Department of Sports Medicine at the Third Hospital of Hebei Medical University, said that mountaineering is not a suitable exercise method for all people, because the climbing process will increase the load on the knee, and the burden on the knee joint is much greater than that on the Pinglu Road. The pressure can lead to joint damage and secondary joint disease over time. In view of this, mountaineering is more suitable for a group of young people with better physical conditions, and it is not suitable for middle-aged and elderly people, especially those who already have diseases such as osteoarthritis. Even if the young people are in the group, do not use it as a routine exercise routine to avoid joint damage caused by long-term knee joints.

Before climbing, equipment and body must be prepared. It is best to warm up

Like all other sports, mountaineering needs to be prepared before exercise. Preparation includes not only equipment but also warm-up before exercise.

Zhang Xiaoyang reminded that whether climbing or running, swimming, and other sports, do not increase the amount of exercise as soon as you get up. It must be gradual and gradual. It is also important to warm up before climbing and other sports. Proper warm-up exercise will allow the body to have a warm-up process, so as to avoid injury due to a sudden increase in exercise. As for the method of warm-up exercise, Director Zhang said that there is no fixed method for warm-up. Generally, the muscles used in the exercise should be stretched first to increase muscle strength and avoid muscle sprains during exercise.

In addition to warm-up, before climbing, we must also be prepared on the equipment, such as suitable, professional hiking shoes, knee bracers, trekking poles and so on. No matter what kind of equipment is, it is best to be professional. Do not make casual arrangements. For example, knee pads and knee joints are load-bearing joints. The function of the knee pads is to support the knee joints and reduce the burden on the joints so as to protect the stability of the knee joints and avoid sprains. To achieve this effect, professional and qualified candidates must be selected. Products, like ordinary products that are only thick and somewhat elastic, have limited knee support.

In addition to equipment, we should also work hard on the diet. Mountaineering consumes a lot of energy, and we have to take enough food to drink when climbing. You can bring some foods such as chocolate to supplement your diet. Drinking water should also bring enough time to replenish body fluids while resting on the mountain to avoid the occurrence of lack of water and exercise. It is also possible to drink some beverages containing electrolytes, vitamins, etc. to supplement the body's needs. In addition, you can also take the commonly used drugs, such as bandages available after trauma, anti-mosquito bite available wind oil and so on.

When hiking, the body is best to lean forward, waist, back straight

Everything is ready and the rest is mountaineering. After all, climbing is different from walking on flat ground. The pressure on the knee is also greater. So, what kind of climbing methods can be used to both play sports effects and reduce the damage to joints and other places? Then it is necessary to pay attention to the posture of climbing, and pay attention to the posture when going uphill and downhill.

Zhang Xiaoyang suggested that when the body is uphill, it is best to lean forward slightly, but the waist and back should be straight to avoid forming a hunched, stooped posture; when walking on a steep hill, do not go straight, you can take the curve to climb, Relatively low effort. Slightly bending the knees of your legs when you are down can reduce stress and prevent damage to knee cartilage.

He especially reminded mountaineers that they must pay attention to safety. Do not run or stride either uphill or downhill, not only damaging the knee joint but also posing a danger. In addition, it is necessary to avoid climbing in poor weather such as rain and haze. It is best to go hand in hand with climbing. Try not to climb alone; it's best not to climb unexplored roads with poor road conditions.

Mountain; also need to bring good cell phone and other communication equipment when climbing, in order to facilitate mutual contact.

Also to be reminded that, compared to warm-up before climbing, even if tired after climbing, you can not sit down and rest, but remember to do relaxation, or you just wait for the next day legs sore it. As for the relaxation method, Zhang Xiaoyang suggested that high-frequency, small-scale rubbing or shaking can be done on muscles, and the intensity should not be too great. This relaxation can help relax muscle fibers and prevent muscle soreness.

Spring Sports: You must master all this knowledge

Spring is a season that is more suitable for exercise. On the one hand, exercise can enhance physical fitness, promote body growth and metabolism, and it also maintains harmony with the spring seasons of all things. On the other hand, winter comes to spring to remove bloated winter clothes. , Amy's friends also hope to have a perfect curve to show through sports, so that spring sports are more popular. However, although the sport is a good thing, to achieve good fitness goals, it is still necessary to follow certain sports rules.

In this regard, Zhang Xiaoyang reminded that mountaineering is good, walking or jogging is OK, no matter which kind of exercise method to choose, according to their own physical strength, cardiopulmonary functional status, etc. to choose the most suitable for their own exercise and the right amount of exercise; before exercise certain To do a good warm-up exercise, after exercise should also fully relax and timely increase or decrease clothing, to avoid colds; In addition, the choice of sports venues should also be based on local conditions, choose their familiar place, once found suitable for sports venues as fixed as possible.

Sports methods: such as mountaineering, cycling, etc., have relatively large injuries to the knee joints, and are therefore more suitable for young people with better physical conditions. For the middle-aged and elderly people, more moderate movements such as brisk walking and jogging are more suitable. Suitable, in addition to kite-flying, skipping rope, swimming, square dance, etc. can also choose. Which is more recommended for swimming, swimming can not only effectively exercise cardiopulmonary function, but also in the water knee does not bear the weight, so you can avoid sports injuries.

Sports venues: In addition to being relatively stationary and choosing places that you are familiar with, you should also pay attention to choosing a place with fresh air, such as woods. Streets that are noisy or dusty are not suitable for exercising.

Exercise intensity: no matter what kind of exercise, you must control your exercise time and exercise according to your physical condition. Take the square dance that is loved by the aunt. Although it is not a strenuous exercise, compared to walking and jogging and other sports, there are many square dance movements, and some joint movements may occur. This may increase the number of pairs. The burden of joints, improper exercise, or excessive exercise time can cause sprains and other sports injuries.

For the amount of exercise, individual conditions are different, and the amount of exercise is also different. However, in general, the exercise should be gradual, not to enter a high-intensity exercise all at once; it is appropriate to measure the heart rate at or near the end of the exercise immediately at about 100 times per minute, from the human body Say, the feeling of reaching this heart rate is like a state of breathing and breathing. In addition, after the exercise is over, it is better to sweat slightly, rather than sweating. To know that too much sweating is not only susceptible to the wind and cold, but from the perspective of Chinese medicine too much sweat will damage the yang.

Sportswear: Sportswear is naturally led by activities. In addition, for the spring season, sportswear should not be worn too thin or even shirtless. Because the weather in spring is not stable, the overall temperature is not too high, and the temperature difference between day and night is also relatively large. Therefore, it is necessary to increase or decrease the clothing according to the temperature, or prepare a thick coat, take it off during exercise, and put it on after exercise. Keep warm. In addition, if you sweat too much after exercise, clothes, sweat, you must promptly change clothing, so as not to catch cold and cold.

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