Intermec Introduces Extreme Environment Reusable RFID

Intermec has introduced a reusable, rugged RFID tag that can be used by manufacturing and logistics in extreme temperatures and hazardous environments.

Intermec, a new durable RFID tag with EPCglobal Gen 2 and ISO 18000-6B, is available globally and ready for delivery. Companies can use RFID capabilities to track supplies in required processes and logistics.

Its innovative broadband antenna design has superior performance and can adapt to various materials such as metal, plastic and wood.

Since the Intermec RFID LR tags are reusable, the tags cost less than a penny at a time. Labels can be rewritten thousands of times, are reusable assets and use much less expensive than disposable labels. Because it can be used in the required industrial environment and is reliable on many kinds of metals, the company can identify or track components, parts in process, and finished products by using a label in production, supply chain and asset management operations. , material handling equipment and containers in logistics.

Jeff Woods, vice president of corporate supply chain management at the Gartner Group, said: "Because RFID inventory management and asset tracking systems can meet the unordered business requirements that other technologies cannot meet, it is an excellent project for companies. Since many companies are With the deployment of RFID systems, IT departments must find ways to reduce user costs. Reusable labels around the world in extreme environments can solve the real problems many companies face."

Intermec's RFID LR label measures 3.2cm x 14.27cm and is available in a rugged, impact-resistant plastic package that can operate in hazardous chemical environments and temperatures ranging from -40°C to 121°C, with support for EPC Gen2 or ISO 18000 -6B standard reader compliant. Units already equipped with an EPC or ISO 18000-6B standard system have applied the Intermec LR tags to industry, transportation and asset management very easily and at a low cost.

Intermec's RFID tag and antenna chip components come in a variety of varieties, including 50 EPC Gen2 products and various ISO 18000-6B products. The company has an off-the-shelf RFID tag and smart label in a standard industrial format. These labels are heat-resistant, moisture-resistant, and chemical-resistant. The product has been optimized for the main uses of RFID, including tagging items as required to the lifetime of the item.

Source: Jiagong Machine Grid

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