Is your concept correct about locking water and moisturizing?

The hydrating methods of the three major skins are different. The speed of MM aging of dry skin is the fastest, so it is necessary to use moisturizing skin care products for conditioning; while the oily skin MM is relatively not easy to age. However, it always gives the feeling of a large oil field, so this type of skin must be cleaned. For sensitive skin, it is more troublesome. It is better to listen to the doctor's advice. It is better to choose a cosmeceutical product.

About lock water and moisturizing, is your concept correct?

1. “Replenishing water” and “locking water” are one thing, all for moisturizing the skin.

NO! “Hydration” and “locking water” are two concepts that act on two levels of the skin. "Hydrating" is a deep layer that transports moisture into the basal layer of the skin, solving the problem of dry skin from the source. However, only hydrating does not prevent the loss of water. It is necessary to add a "water-blocking" ingredient to the surface of the skin to help the skin tightly lock the added moisture.

2. The product of hydrating and water-locking is very thin and does not contain too much oil.

NO! Usually hydrating products are lighter in texture, have a smaller molecular weight, and are more likely to penetrate the bottom layer of the skin. The water-locked product requires a certain concentration, and contains oil to firmly lock the moisture. A good moisturizing cream can achieve a good water lock effect.

3, "grab water" is only an instant effect, can not achieve long-lasting moisturizing.

NO! “Catch the water” not only quickly hydrates the skin, but also enhances the skin's active moisturizing ability. In particular, the concentrated water energy factor formula and hot spring mineral essence contained in skin care products can provide strong water energy to the skin, strengthen the skin's natural moisturizing barrier, actively moisturize, provide skin with 7 times moisture, and lock all day. Moisture.

Between our cells and cells, there is a lipid substance, intercellular lipid, which is the natural water-locking factor of the skin. There are many intercellular lipids, and the skin cells will be full, neatly arranged and tight, and look elastic and full of luster. As we age, the intercellular lipids are lost, and the skin's ability to lock in water is reduced, so the skin becomes rough and dull.

Moisturizing work is always a top priority whenever and wherever. You need different moisturizers for different occasions.

About lock water and moisturizing, is your concept correct?


Moisturizing essentials: spray, humidifier, room temperature water

Always keep a moisturizing spray in front of the computer, close your eyes, lift your chin slightly, and slowly move the spray about 25-30 cm from the face, let the mist spread evenly over the entire face, then gently pat the skin to absorb it. It not only replenishes the skin instantly, but also relieves mood and decompression.

About lock water and moisturizing, is your concept correct?


Moisturizing essentials: humidifier, moisturizing skin care products, room temperature water

Night is the golden period of skin metabolism. It is recommended to choose skin care products that strengthen moisturizing and repairing effect at night. Sleeping mask is also a good choice. They can make you touch the delicate and smooth cheeks the next morning.

About lock water and moisturizing, is your concept correct?


Moisturizing essential: functional drinks, light salt water

If you sweat a lot, you should replenish the body's lost water in a timely manner. Functional drinks can be supplemented with a certain amount of nutrients after exercise to make your body more energetic.

About lock water and moisturizing, is your concept correct?


Moisturizing essential: spray, high-density woven moisturizing mask, room temperature water

In the airtight cabin, it is best not to drink, boiled water is the healthiest choice. Plug in the earphones, apply a high-density woven moisturizing mask, and close your eyes to meet the destination. >>>The beauty of white women and other five types of women

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