Language and Teaching of Logo Design (2)

Fourth, the material and skills of trademark design

It can be said that everything in the natural world can be used as a logo design material. Things that are not in the natural world, or those that are created by people, can also be used as logo design material. From this it can be seen that the material of the trademark design is very broad and almost all-inclusive. The skills of trademark design are also varied and there should not be any established model. In order to summarize the experience of the predecessors, I summarized some methods. These methods can only be considered as the key to entry. This is the only way. It must not constrain the creative thinking of designers, and creative thinking is the source of vitality!

1, the composition of Chinese characters

Trademarks made of Chinese characters are very common and there are many classic works. A logo consisting of a single Chinese character can be used to fit a single character to a certain shape, or to emphasize its unique style in writing design, or to restructure the structure of a Chinese character after it is broken up to form a new symbol with specific image features. Call this approach integration.

The "Bank of China" logo designed by Mr. Qiang Qiang has prominent image features, is very simple and generous, conveys a large amount of information, and has strong visual impact and is impressive. The logo has a very good idea. After breaking down the word "中" and reintegrating it into a variety of meanings, the overall image resembles China's Fang Kong Gu coin, closely linked with the financial business; The extended line is like a "Chinese" image, which is exactly what the Bank of China distinguishes from any other bank. If Fang Kong is seen as a bead on an abacus, it also contains the meaning of operating accounting. Its charm lies in all "like" but not both, but a new symbol in the special meaning - "Bank of China", this corporate logo design can be regarded as a classic.

Mr. Chen Hanmin's designation of the "China Industrial and Commercial Bank" sign is a method of integrating after breaking down the structure of Chinese characters. The word "gong" is used as the material for painstakingly managing and re-architecting. The ICBC logo's idea is: The radius is the rule, which is both the image of China's ancient coins and the nature of banking operations - rigorous and standardized; the negative image in the middle hides an image similar to the word "gong". It is the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China. The most symbolic symbolic meaning of the brand is very important; the square box is broken up and down, which symbolizes the openness of the banking business and the close relationship with the customers. It is also the disconnected frame that makes the hidden image both like The word "gong" is not the word "gong". Its special shape has formed the image characteristics of the sign, and it is very clever in forming the "symbol with specific meaning". This is the special "language" of the sign design.

The visual image of the neon sign made of this sign at night is still very accurate, and its wide adaptability is unquestionable. This sign is concise and generous. It contains a large amount of information. It is an example of "the combination of China and the modern, the combination of form and content, and the combination of elegance and popularity." The Chinese Packaging Technology Association's logo uses the word "package" as its material. After the words are broken, the characters are broken up and stroked with a straight line design to reframe. It is like the "package" character and the unformed corrugated cardboard box. It is very clever. "Yipin Design" symbol takes "product" as material and visualizes the three "mouthpieces". It is like three design works and a new milestone. It is filled with red, yellow, and blue primary colors, respectively, using logo design. The language fully expresses the characteristics and taste of "a product design". The railway sign adopts an integrated approach, reshaping the word “worker” and creating a new visual image.

Its shape is very characteristic: the wording of "gong" is a cross-section of an I-beam, and it is combined with the "person" shape to form the image of the locomotive; the people are the driving force for the advancement of history, and the workers are the advanced elements of the people. As the locomotive shoulders the heavy responsibility of history, the meaning of "workers" and "loco" in the specific historical context is interpreted incisively and vividly! This sign comes from the hands of an ordinary railway worker. It is very simple and elegant. After several decades, it has been so attractive. It has withstood the test of time and is a rare classic in logo design! The logo is composed of two or more Chinese characters, usually arranged, linked, and combined in an arrangement, or suitable for a certain shape, such as: "strong", "Phoenix" and "self-reliance".

2, foreign language composition

Trademarks composed of foreign materials, the design skills can be summarized as arranged, connected and change one point, and re-architecture after the integration of these two basic methods. "Mazda" font design is very characteristic, combined with radius, strong and powerful, the real change is in the middle of the letter "Z", due to its change, the image of the logo is stronger, this is the language of the logo design ! "Sanyo" is the "N" in the middle of the letter in italics, resulting in a new visual image, which makes people feel that this sign seems to be related to electrical products. "Paper Products Company" uses a method of connecting and changing one point, changing the blank space of the last letter into five stars to form a new visual image. "IBM" focuses on font design, and the horizontal white line enhances visual impact and is very personal. "Fuji" is to re-break the letter, integrate the framework, create a new and unique image, the visual impact is very strong. "Rising Star Transport" is designed with the letters "N" and "S" as its material. Its idea is: a new star rising from a transportation line. The logo has a good sense of movement. It is not only related to the transportation industry, but also a symbolist company. development of. The two-letter ingenious architecture seems to be a freeway, making it a new symbolic graphical language.

(to be continued)

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