Look at the development track of the furniture industry for 30 years

Thirty years ago, if someone talked about "outer space," it was absolutely unrelated to furniture. Today, whether it is from the major international furniture fairs or the new furniture brands launched by famous brands, the futuristic furniture has gradually become the mainstream. The home is indeed moving towards "outer space."

Designer Li Lingling said: "The change in the shape of furniture reflects the change of people. Because the furniture 30 years ago, most of them are only handmade, even woodworking on-site production, in the minds of these producers, consciousness. There are only a few styles. Occasionally, the whimsy does not change the shape of the furniture. But today's furniture design is often sent after many people and a lot of time."

On the other hand, changes in the shape of the furniture also reflect changes in the user's mindset. From the "woodworking" of the woodworking site to the mass production of wardrobes, chairs and tables, the modernization level has made many people enjoy the convenience of factory production. However, the high-end people with special needs are not satisfied with the same style of furniture. Ordinary people seek to change because of the individual needs of size and color. At this time, custom furniture came into being. It not only reflects the change of furniture form. It also represents the user's mentality change for the living experience.

Nowadays, changes in the form of furniture more reflect the personality, creativity and functional needs, especially the increasing functional needs of people in the living room. Bolognese furniture designers believe that the functional use of social furniture has become one of the reasons for the change in furniture form, which is also the change in the user's mentality and life. In the past 30 years, with the change of people's mentality and living psychology, the shape of furniture began to be more personalized.

Popular streamlined furniture and social furniture

Borrowing "lines" across borders

The shape of furniture is becoming more and more streamlined. From the recent international home furnishing exhibitions and new products launched by big-name home brands, the popularity of futurism has become a trend, and the emerging innovative homes with lines are becoming a big theme. The line beauty that is seen in various products and categories can now appear on furniture. Cars, boats, or imaginary UFOs have become the inspiration for furniture designers. The creativity of many products is unexpected, and perhaps this is the charm of design.

Form changes due to social scenes

Urban elite men and women will never tirelessly travel in a variety of social occasions, from Office to Western restaurants, from spas to golf courses, from Shopping Mall to cafes... from outside and inside, social interaction also spreads from the outside to the "private garden "in. Nowadays, it is a fashion activity that social aristocrats admire, inviting friends to join the crowd on weekends, or invite colleagues to participate in their own party at night. Under the looming light, the furniture community composed of sofas and coffee tables has become the master of the moment of gathering. Depending on the shape of the furniture, it can meet different social needs, such as sofa, V-shaped, L-shaped, round, pair-shaped or cross-shaped sofa community, creating a patchwork and artistic conception in a spacious space, according to different social scenes. And change, the function determines the form.

5 years ago, panel furniture

Five years ago, the plate gradually became the main choice for living room furniture. Wood is a consumable material. With the emphasis on ecology, less-consuming panel furniture has become the first choice of ordinary consumers due to its low price and good quality. It was also at that time that the brand of panel furniture began to rise.

Compared with the former furniture, an important feature of panel furniture is disassembly and assembly, which determines that the panel furniture is closer to the end market. Whether it is long-distance transportation or short-distance transportation, or warehouse management, disassembly and assembly is much more convenient than self-assembly. It is easy to keep and save a lot of cost.

10 years ago, furniture

At that time, the furniture was mainly made up of solid wood. The materials were mostly solid wood. The heavy and bulky furniture was often difficult to move into the house. Because people do not know much about the changes in the shape of furniture, traditional furniture still appears in the basic form of large cabinets, low cabinets, bedside cabinets, etc., and there is basically no change in form. However, along with the improvement of people's living conditions, some new small furniture such as TV cabinets, console cabinets and shoe cabinets have been derived, but the design is still backward. The main form of traditional Chinese furniture is to absorb the shape and style of traditional Chinese furniture. The traditional five-drawer cabinet and food cabinet gradually withdraw from the living room space.

Handmade wood furniture 30 years ago

When the reform and opening up, furniture was definitely a "big thing" in the family. At that time, young and young people were getting married. The configuration of the married family home was 36 corners, four corners of the wardrobe, four corners of the bed, four corners of the bedside table, four corners of the chair, etc. Only when so many "corners" were gathered Explain that the furniture in the home is basically ready. From the very beginning, the purchase of household items must be applied to the public, and later purchased by ticket, even a ticket is hard to find, some people can apply for furniture tickets to buy furniture after a few years of marriage. It was not until the 1980s that furniture began to move to the market, but they had to wait in line to buy furniture.

It should be said that people's desire for furniture 30 years ago is very strong. When there is no ticket to buy furniture, the industrious working people have fully exerted their ingenuity and ability to do it themselves. Anyway, the wood can be used together and it may look ugly, but it is durable. If you have money, please ask a carpentry to come to your home to "play furniture". Stay for a while, wait for a good meal, and naturally make good-looking furniture.

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