Main Points of Maintenance and Safe Use of Moisture Analyzer

1) Before using the instrument, please read the entire contents of the "Instruction Manual".

2) In order to prevent electric shock, the instrument must be reliably grounded.

3) The moisture analyzer should be used in a ventilated and dry environment without corrosive gases.

4) Only use the high-frequency porcelain drying dishes provided with this machine, do not use Other utensils.

5) When there is no water-containing sample in the furnace, do not make the microwave oven work to avoid damage to the machine during no-load operation.

6) Do not put the general mercury thermometer into the furnace to measure while heating. Do not use any method to measure the temperature in the furnace when the instrument is working to avoid damage.

7) Observe more during the measurement to prevent overheating and fire. If there is smoke or fire, please immediately cut off the power supply of the microwave oven, and appropriately reduce the heating power or shorten the heating time when measuring later.

8) At the end of the test, pay attention to the high temperature of the drying dish. It is best to wear insulated gloves to take the drying dish to avoid burns.

9) If there is no sample in the microwave oven and it is accidentally started, please immediately interrupt the heating program or open the oven door to stop its work.

10) Must be repaired by professionals. If you need to replace the furnace lamp, power cord, fuse, etc., you must use our company's special accessories.

11) Microwave radiation can cause harm to the human body, please do not open the furnace shell at will, and do not expose to the range of radiation emitted by the microwave generator or other components that can conduct microwaves during maintenance.

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