Maintenance items of salt spray test machine

Protection matters: 1. If the test time exceeds one month, please replace the water in the heating tank. 2. If the saline solution used for the test has not been used for more than a week, please do not use it again, so as not to affect the quality of the test. 3. If the test time exceeds 120 hours, the accumulated water in the air compressor will be discharged after this time. ? Loosen the lower knob of the air compressor.

Modern kitchen has many Kitchen Tools to make a meal easier and more substantial. however, the more fancy meal is, the more difficult to clean after that. Do you have any difficult experience of cleaning your kitchen sink after a delicious meal preparation? The kitchen watse is always discusting to sweep up.  Sink Strainer is an effective tool to separate the watse and remain it in the sink so that it wont be washed off together with water to clog the sewer.

Sink Strainer

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