Maybelline helps you create a watery look for autumn and winter

Maybelline New York Pure Mineral Mink Foundation Cream

Recommended products: Maybelline New York Pure Mineral Mink Foundation Cream

Reference price: RMB109 (with a beauty spoon)

Product introduction: This autumn and winter, Maybelline New York brings the latest pure mineral mink foundation cream - 100% mineral pigment, 52% mineral water, 0% grease, 0% fragrance, no acne formula, no clogged pores, Even sensitive skin can be used with peace of mind. It also improves the skin while creating a healthy look. Every day, delicate mineral particles give the skin the healthiest care. Your troubles are far from this. The original cosmetics can also be used so healthy. Even if you use it every day, your skin will still shine and be healthy.

Recommended reason: the first foundation cream to improve the skin. The first water-based foundation cream provides 24-hour uninterrupted moisturizing. The water-like texture is like the whole skin is infiltrated in mineral water. It nourishes the skin all day, and the skin is moist and moving to create autumn and winter. The most natural watery look.

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