Misunderstanding of ink adjustment in paperboard offset printing

In offset printing production, it is often necessary to adjust the ink used. It is appropriate to deal with different products, not the same as paper to print. Appropriate adjustment of the ink. It was successfully achieved by participating in the ink in a proper way. Because many people don’t share the same awareness or have a personal opinion about it because of this. In the actual production, it is very likely that some "misunderstandings" have entered, and the final result is not satisfactory.

First, absolute use of de-adhesive instead of varnish

In the process of printing large and small planes on the surface or the surface of an object, it is revealed that the ink is not easy to be evenly dispersed during the transfer process of the ink roller, or the phenomenon of paper “linting” or inaccurate printing occurs when the ink is generally excessively sticky. To.

The main ingredient of the dissolving agent is aluminum stearate, which is a kind of wax. Its effectiveness in the ink is to reduce the cohesion of the ink. The main component of the dipstick oil (used mainly in the 6-oil) is dry. Vegetable oil, its main effect is to increase the fluidity of the ink and reduce the viscosity of the ink. Detackifiers and varnish can reduce the viscosity of inks, but their properties are different. Detackifiers also have the effect of reducing the viscosity of the ink while also reducing the viscosity of the ink and reducing the adhesion of the ink layer to the paper. In the ink, the varnish can serve to reduce the viscosity of the ink and increase the fluidity of the ink. It can affect the drying speed of the ink layer but it is not surfaced. If you add more than a limited amount of detackifier in the ink to achieve the effect of reducing the viscosity of the ink, it will easily lead to over-emulsification of the ink, the phenomenon of incomplete or insufficient imprinting, ink flying, and other effects on polishing, laminating and other post-processing. very serious. Because this effort is not necessary, it is unnecessary, if you need to use the available 6 # varnish to take over, and pay attention to the amount added, do not exceed 3 hundred percent, and at the same time appropriate to increase the amount of desiccant.

Second, using white ink as a diluting agent

Individual color ink needs to participate in the dilute agent in the original ink to make it become a light-colored ink, this diluting agent should have a colorless and transparent nature. Both the bright rayon and the virgin oil are ideal dripping agents. It has the effect of not changing the original ink color but changing the depth of the original ink. If white ink is used as a diluting agent. It is wrong. Because the white ink has a hue of white color, it changes the hue of the original ink so that the original ink tends to be white and tender but not light. This is contrary to the original intention of the author's demand for light-colored ink. And in the offset printing process. If the white ink composition in the ink is too much, due to the large specific gravity of the white ink pigments, pigment particles will accumulate on the printing plate or the blanket during the ink delivery process. The impetus for inferring imprinting is not delicate.

Third, do not distinguish between the effectiveness of anti-adhesive and detackifier

Participation in the use of anti-sticking agents in inks can help avoid or slow down the problem of sticking on the back and side of printed paper. The detackifier is to reduce the viscosity of the ink, it is mainly used in the printing ink transfer process its utility. If the two are mixed together indiscriminately, there are likely to be other problems.

If the detackifying agent is added to the ink in order to prevent the ink on the back and back of the sheet from sticking, the "non-dry" nature of the de-bonding agent will prolong the drying time of the ink layer of the printed matter and adversely cause the appearance of the sheet to become more sticky.

on the other hand. If you want to reduce the viscosity of the ink in the printing process and participate in more anti-sticking agent, it can not only play a good role in reducing viscosity. It will also "roughen" the ink. To make it miss the gloss and affect the quality of the product.

Fourth, do not think of the difference between red and white oil

Red dry oil (also known as dry oil drilling) and white dry oil (also known as dry oil) are ink desiccants, but because the composition of the two components are not the same. It also has different ways to dry the ink layer.

After participating in the red dry oil in the ink, the speed of the oxygen-binding film on the surface of the ink layer is greatly accelerated, that is, the surface of the ink layer is rapidly dried. However, the dryness of red oil cannot promote a greater increase in the speed of dryness within the ink layer. White oil has the ability to improve the dryness of the ink layer in all aspects. When the ink participates in white dry oil, the drying speed of the ink layer can be greatly increased. because this. We are using desiccant moments. Be sure to note the difference between the two drying methods. E.g. For the ink layer appearance dry. Red dry oil is better than white dry oil.

However, if the printing ink layer thicker field version or paper because of the relationship between pH and the nature of the ink layer drying performance is not good, if the artist naively use red oil as the ink drying Jing, it is likely to show The appearance of the ink layer is dry but not very dry inside. Such a printing product, in the case of external friction, can easily wipe off the ink layer so that the printed product can be affected by the remnants of the scratch and affect the quality of production.

In addition, in the printing of gold ink, silver ink and the need to add desiccant. Ordinary red dry oil should not be used to add white dry oil. Since dry white oil is joined with gold ink and silver ink. With the tendency to dim the original ink. Such prints will affect the gloss effect of gold and silver ink.

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