NatureWorks PLA Polymer

The excellent properties and unique physical properties of the NatureWorks PLA polymer make it the darling of the film market. It is a good material to replace cellophane. The low heat sealing layer and aroma barrier layer in the co-extruded structure simplify the composite layer and replace the nylon material. The film has good stretchability and printability and is the preferred packaging material for cereals, breads, and cakes.

  • 100% brand new and high quality carbon steel glitter soft handle Nail Clipper for personal care.
  • Sculpt cute. Comfortable hand feel, not easy to hurt hand, easy to carry
  • Wide cutter parts is strong and shaped for clipping the nails.
  • The nail clipper can be hung on you key ring with a hole on the end design.

Glitter Handle Nail Clipper

Glitter Handle Nail Clipper

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