New Artificial Grass Court Details

New artificial grass court

On the basis of the current standard gateball size map, draw a circle with radius r 2M, r 5M with the center pillar as the center to form a circular center pillar area with radius r 2M and an annular area with inner diameter r 3M. To increase the technical difficulty, the radius of the center pillar area can be set as r 3M, and the outer arc of the ring area can be pushed to r 6M); with the center pillar as the pivot point, four vertical bisectors can be drawn for the vertical 4 lanes It is divided into 4 outer zones; the four corners are centered at the corner vertices, and arc-cut edges are drawn with radius r 1.5M to form four fan-shaped protection zones. In this way, the gateball court is divided into 1 center pillar area, 1 ring area, 4 outer ring areas, 4 corner protection areas and 10 areas in total. The kick-off area was changed from the original 2M×1M rectangular area to the 1M×1M square area, and the above line segments were clearly marked on the gateball court. With the newly-calibrated gateball court for entertainment and games, we will call it "new style croquet."


The quality requirements for the basics of the artificial turf sports gateball stadium are mainly concentrated on three aspects: hardness, flatness and drainage slope. There are three basic types of artificial turf gateballs that are commonly used: asphalt, cement, and gravel. Which types are mainly used by the local climate, climate, and budget, and are particularly suitable for climates with large temperature differences and low winter temperatures in the north. At the same time, because of its high cost, it is not the most suitable basic type for warm and humid environments. Because the construction of gravel foundation is simple, its construction cost is low, and drainage is rapid, it is common in the south, but because of its poor rigidity and stability, After prolonged use, loose foundations are likely to occur, resulting in uneven foundations; therefore, in most areas of China, the cement concrete foundation has become a basic type of artificial turf gateball that is economical and practical and has a very high cost performance. Zerun Plastics, based on its rich artificial grass system experience, makes a brief introduction to the cement concrete foundation of the artificial turf gate court:

1. The surface flatness of the foundation is required to be high to ensure that the thickness of the artificial turf surface is uniform and uniform. Flatness pass rate above 95%, 5 meters ruler error 3MM, slope: horizontal 8 inches, longitudinal 5 inches, semicircular area 5 inches, the surface should be flat, smooth, ensure drainage.

2, the foundation should have a certain degree of strength and stability.

3, the surface is uniform and solid, no cracks, no rotten edged surface, smooth seams, cut about 6000mm × 6000mm as well.

4, cushion compaction, density greater than 95%, after the medium-sized roller compactor, no significant wheel marks, no loose loose soil, waves and Other phenomena.

5. The cement foundation must have a water-repellent layer. The water-repellent layer adopts a new PVC thicker water-repellent film, the junction should be greater than 300mm, and the margin is greater than 150mm.

6, consider leaving expansion joints, the width of 5 mm.

7. The basic maintenance period is 2-3 weeks.


Artificial turf gate court advantages

1. Artificial turf gates are breathable and water-permeable, are not afraid of cracking, and have no fear of foaming and delamination. They are simple and economical.

2. The maintenance of the artificial turf gate court is simple and the maintenance cost is low. Rinsing with clean water can remove the dirt, and it has the characteristics of no fading and no deformation.

3. The use rate of artificial turf gate court is high, ie it is shock-absorbing, noise-free, safe, non-toxic, flexible, and has good flame-retardant properties.

4. The artificial turf gate stadium allows participants to feel comfortable, reduce fatigue, and add fun to people.

5, greatly reduced the friction between the gateball and the lawn, making the ball more stable in speed and direction

6. The overall layout of artificial turf gateball is beautiful, the usage rate is high, the service life is up to 8 years, and it is durable and easy to maintain. It can be used continuously throughout the day.

7. The artificial turf gate material is environmentally friendly, short in duration, and easy to observe.

Artificial turf gate court instructions

1. Into the turf gate court, wear special shoes or nail-free shoes.

2. Avoid stacking heavy objects and sharp equipment.

3. Do not touch chemicals, cigarette butts and other types of fire.

4. Regularly clean and keep the site clean.

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