New glass bottle machine unveiled to attract attention from the industry

Recently, a single-group full-servo glass robot prototype newly developed by Shandong Sanjin Company has attracted extensive attention from domestic and foreign industry professionals.

The successful development of this product brought a major technological revolution of “high-tech and low-energy smart servo” instead of “high-energy pneumatic” to glass jar machinery. The bottle-making machine realizes intelligent servoization with simple mechanism and the lowest cost, achieves light-weight control of products, high-speed operation, and high-efficiency production, and will promote the technological progress of the glass bottle and cans machinery industry at home and abroad, save energy and reduce consumption. Protecting the environment has a major impact.

This product is based on the "Bottle machine multi-axis servo intelligent system" under the control of the full servo glass forming intelligent robot, multi-axis servo intelligent system by the bottle machine, the fuselage frame, the biaxial initial model, the molding module parallel switch, servo The bottle-turning hand, the servo-taking bottle-claw, the servo-blowing nozzle, the servo-smearing nozzle, and the servo two-axis dial bottle claw are composed of the parts. It is a high-tech patented product that integrates special electronic cam motion control and process function control. The control system uses innovative unique technology and the most concise structure to realize the motion positioning of more than 120 servo axes' timing positioning and fixed-curve, and to coordinate the synchronous control. Special function control makes the large and complicated bottle machine a highly intelligent energy-saving robot. The control system is a multi-axis intelligent robot control system for bottle making that uses hardware components such as single-chip microcomputers, integrated circuits, and memory devices to perform hardware design and programming from the circuit basis. The number of axes, curves, and functions can be flexibly expanded. The first foreign-owned high-tech patented product with independent intellectual property rights.

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